IBM Secures New Blockchain Patent For Monitoring and Securing Computer Network Systems

IBM Secures A Patent For Blockchain-based Secure System

On October 2nd, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently awarded a patent for a blockchain-based secure system to the US-based tech giant IBM.

The patent which was filed in September 2017 outlines how a network of monitors connected to a blockchain platform can log events on the network, including potential intrusions. While attackers may try to hide signs of their work on one monitor, having multiple backups of that information will help ensure that such events are still logged.

The abstract of the patent is as follows:

“A method, computer system, and a computer program product for a monitor security process are provided. The present invention may include configuring monitors in a chain configuration by configuring a network address of a primary monitor to a backup monitor. The present invention may include configuring a sensor to communicate with the monitors. The present invention may include receiving a first set of information from the sensor to a primary and backup monitor and broadcasting the information to a plurality of monitors and logging the information. The present invention may include receiving a second set of information from the chain of monitors. The present invention may include determining the information conflicts and marking a temporary log within the plurality of temporary logs as conflicting. The present invention may include determining a conflicting threshold has been exceeded, generating and executing an audit and recovery plan that isolates the affected monitor.”

Within a blockchain security system, a hacked monitor can be found immediately, as in such a case synchronized monitors won't have consensus. IBM states that the use of blockchain technology in monitor systems will, therefore, help create “a less vulnerable” network and provide more security.

Notably, IBM along with Chinese e-commerce corporation Alibaba shares the first place globally in terms of blockchain-related patents filed. As a per recent report by intellectual property outlet iPR Daily, Alibaba has registered 90 patents, while IBM follows behind with as many as 89 patents.

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