IBM Unveils 'Crypto Anchor Verifier' to Detect Counterfeits Using AI

AI and blockchain come together with IBM's new project to turn your phone into a counterfeit detector

IBM Research has unveiled its new software called ‘Crypto Anchor Verifier'. The system operates as a counterfeit detector supported and powered by AI. This is made possible through the use of your smartphone's camera and blockchain technology.

Unlike other methods of detecting counterfeits, the app operates autonomously and instantly. All you need to do is open your smartphone, open the app, take a picture of what you want to have validated and the programme is able to determine what is unique about the item.

Thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, if it's found to be real, the software will relay back to you that it is genuine. Fraudulent activity such as counterfeiting is a high-cost activity impacting global trade to the tune of $600bn.

IBM has its eyes on the on going issues that surround global trade, and the prevalence of counterfeits in domestic and international trade.

“We are creating Verifier AI software to help many industries. Using Verifier, one can help transform supply chains and drastically reduce counterfeits on a global scale.”

Through using the Verifier, businesses like shipping will have an immediate and smart way to fight back against the on-going rise of counterfeiting, according to Donna Dillenberger, IBM Fellow.

While it's not possible to upload physical objects to a specific blockchain. Verifier AI acts as a bespoke database for the system to use to check the validity of items scanned. The system still requires businesses to manually upload their products for future validation.

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