iCasting.io is a blockchain-based talent ecosystem that will serve the casting industry by connecting the talents and potential clients. Under the use of advanced technology such as matching options and blockchain, iCasting will seek to connect the right skills to the right clients without the need for intermediaries. The platform will act as a one-stop-shop source for all things casting through the blockchain technology.

What Is iCasting?

iCasting is an initial Dutch startup from 2013 that focuses on providing services and options for clients and talents alike. Since its launch, the platform has successfully registered over 140,000 talents with over 1500 clients under their community.

With the blockchain venture, iCasting intend to build a decentralized global marketplace through the tokenized ecosystem. Ultimately, the investment will completely digitize the casting industry and present the potential advantages of blockchain technology.

iCasting Features

  • Self-sustaining community- a casting community that will allow for user contribution and a range of other activities through the platform's token
  • Casting process- get to connect, hire, pay and process agreements with clients and casting experts through the decentralized platform.
  • Smart contracts- under blockchain, iCasting will offer a secure booking process where crucial information from respective agreements will be in store.
  • Tokenization- a distinctive number of features and services within iCasting only unlock the use of tokens (Talent Token)
  • iCasting Academy for online course and lessons for aspiring cast talent development
  • iCasting events to provide live event access for talents, professionals, and services looking to utilize the partnership advantages.

How iCasting Blockchain Talent Cryptocurrency Works

Under the casting platform, users get to access the features and functions through the Talent tokens. For this, each one needs a Talent wallet to enable the storing, sending, receiving and exchange of the tokens.

In case of potential need for a casting talent, the client seeks the IPFS storage layer to match them to their respective requirements in a casting individual. The matching process presents several user profiles where the client can connect to the potential talent for further details on their skills and services. If suitable, the customer proceeds to establish a smart contract to certify the agreement of work.

iCasting Benefits

  • Gamification of the features within iCasting presents possible rewards that could end up encouraging the casting community activity
  • The unique matching algorithm provides for accurate and perfect matching between the clients and talents to ensure the delivery of high-quality services.
  • Secure escrow system guarantees a safe and secure issuance of payments between the clients and talent profiles

iCasting TLNT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Name- Talent Tokens
  • Ticker- TLNT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Token supply- 350,000,000 Talent tokens
  • Available for sale- 192,500,000 TLNT
  • Price rate- 1 TLNT=0.07 EUR
  • Hard cap- €13.75 million
  • Soft cap- €2,000,000 million

Token Allocation

  • ICO Crowd sale- 55%
  • Bonus programs- 19%
  • Founders and team- 12%
  • Investors- 5%
  • Advisors and ambassadors- 4%
  • iCasting Bounty- 5%

iCasting Conclusion

There is every possibility that iCasting could achieve more than it already has, judging from the determination and experience of their team. The development phase is also clearly outlined and overall the project looks legitimate. In conclusion, it is an interesting ICO to watch on how it could revolutionize the casting industry through blockchain.

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