Have you visited Ice9 Technology’s site or heard about it and that has interested you in the platform? Be careful. When we first glanced at Ice9 Technology, the company’s site looked very fake to us. Fortunately, you have come to our blog to look for information about this company. Read our review.

What Is Ice9 Crypto Technology System?

The company’s site states that Ice9 Technology is a new app that you can use to get excellent results while trading. It is allegedly created in Silicon Valley and you can use the trial version for free. The site shows thousands of comments of people who loved the site and has a video from people talking about the creation of the software.

According to the site, the software of Ice9 Technology is incredibly easy to use and you “click for profit” because it is the “safest way to earn with crypto”. The company tries so hard to sell its product and it explains so little about what it exactly does that we have become intrigued by it. Here is what we found out.

Is Ice9 Crypto Technology Bitcoin Trading System A Scam?

Ice9 Technology presents itself as a binary trading software. The alleged creator is Aaron Palmer, lead programmer. Unfortunately, the winning rate of the program is not more than 50%. This means that the software does not work at all and you will not receive a lot of money.

All of the people shown in the video explaining how the company works cannot be found on the internet. You cannot find Aaron Palmer or John Faraday (alleged CEO) because they probably do not exist. As he claims that he has worked for Citi Group it is very unlikely that we cannot find him online.

There are also a lot of fake comments and tweets on the site, which makes it even more clear that this site is, in fact, a scam. What you have here is probably a very bad software that is not really made for you to win.

There is a great chance that the creators of Ice9 Technology have a contract with some broker who gets money every time someone trades, so the company does not really care at all whether the clients win or not. In fact, you can see that the whole site has a lot of red flags. How can you trust a site that shows a lot of people with fake names? They are probably actors hired to fool people like you.

Ice9 Crypto Technology System Conclusion

There is basically no way that investing in Ice9 Technology can seriously be considered a slightly good idea. The company is clearly a scam as it goes out of its way to prove how you should invest in it, but as soon as you look for the people involved in the company, you discover that you cannot find anything about them online.

This is just one more scam, but there are many others, so always take care and make your own research before using new trading platforms and software.

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