It is fairly evident that blockchain and AR are shaping an unusually significant part of the future we are heading towards in the coming days. IceBreakerAR has found a pretty convenient use of the technology for the convergence within the world of interaction.

Here's how the promising innovative seeks to offer an exciting solution to shape the future of the social interaction industries.

What Is IceBreakerAR?

IceBreakerAR is a blockchain-based virtual world platform that provides for a total revolutionary tool to eliminate the core barriers present between human relationships. Under their AR reality capability, users get to approach each other with the advanced conversational tools confidently.

With these functions, the participants get to interact innovatively by creating AR profiles which allows them to build a virtual relationship, network and grow friendships opportunities. Additionally, with the blockchain technology, there is the provision of a high standard of integrity when it comes to the users' identity.

IceBreakerAR Features

  • Blockchain- user data and profiling works under blockchain technology to enable seamless aces and protection
  • Augmented Reality- the matching results between users is displayed in AR fashion that allows users to customize their avatar's to represent the potential matches fully.
  • Retail partners- users get access to retailers looking to gain the potential consumers within IceBreaker.
  • Mobile app- Icebreaker also provides for a vibrating experience with the IOS and Android app to create profiles within their respective categories

How IceBreakerAR Blockchain Augmented Reality Works

The IceBreaker app will give users the option of creating a quick profile of the types of dating, groups or networking. Once with the appropriate category, there is the option of scanning for matches that meet their demands. The Dating option allows for comprehensive searches, linking and interacting with the additional option of sending gifts. The networking category mostly works to accommodate users of similar skills and interests. Additionally, it allows for easy networking monetization.

IceBreakerAR Benefits

  • Self-expression through the IBAR avatars allow for the visualization and extension of one's personality, presenting a dynamic canvas
  • Social interactions feature a broad spectrum with the option of initiating a casual date, relationship, conversation or friendly chat.
  • Retails discounts from enterprise partnerships allow for exclusive discounts to the IceBreakerAR users.
  • Data security is a guarantee with IceBreakerAR with blockchain allowing for the secure exchange of personal information
  • User control is also a guarantee, with the option to access and control any data
  • Gamification within the AR platform provides possible rewards from the viewing of AR advertisements

IceBreakerAR IBAR ICO Details

  • PRE SALE – 1 AUG 2018 – 14 AUG 2018 (0.072 USD = 1.0 IBAR)
  • PUBLIC SALE – 15 AUG 2018 – 5 SEP 2018 (0.09 USD = 1.0 IBAR)

Parameters Of The ICO

  • TOTAL TOKENS- 300,000,000

IceBreakerAR Conclusion

IceBreakerAR concept presents a revolutionary use of the AR for dating. However, for it to stand out the application would genuinely need to become novel in how it works. Overall, the idea with IceBreaker is to present a genuinely trustworthy social interaction service with the AR evidence of the parties. IceBreaker, therefore, is a startup to watch out for the potential markets.

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