Investment platform, iCenter revealed on Tuesday August 7, that is had formed an alliance with cryptocurrency-mining company, Genesis Mining. However, Behind MLM was quick to point out that such partnership was never established, with Genesis Mining confirming that it is simply false.

As per iCenter’s blogpost, their decision for the proclaimed partnership with Genesis Mining was because of a problem that it managed to overcome. In particular, the following was shared:

“Genesis Mining has made history just a few days ago for being the first Mining company to have a lift on an SEC “Cease and Desist” Order and we are proud to have them as our Unofficial Partners #0001!”

The term “unofficial” is surely not going to sit well with many. One could have argued that the partnership is being worked upon or nearing the process of security. However, announcing prior to establishing a partnership still seems sketchy. So, how was it proven that iCenter faked the partnership? iCenter provided “proof” to show that it made a mining purchase of about USD$110,000 via two transactions.

To confirm the accuracy of the proof provided, a said Facebook user, who seems to go by the name, ‘Ameer’, got in touch with Genesis Mining and the latter replied with the following:

“Thanks for letting us know! You are right, iCenter is not a partner of Genesis Mining. We will have a look into it. Stay suspicious.”

Not only was the partnership confirmed as being suspicious, but Genesis Mining also explicitly said that they “have nothing to do with these transactions.”

Behind MLM also made the case that iCenter made a mistake in making a statement about SEC and Genesis Mining, as the latter was “dismissed as a respondent” to the cease and desist order and took away the rights of operation of Swiss Gold Global. This order stemmed because of a supposed relationship between the two, with Genesis Mining being accused of having played a role in Swiss Gold Global’s scam.

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  1. Can you provide an actual citation as to where Genesis denies that iCenter did not purchase $110K worth of additional mining hash-power? Or is this a matter of selective reporting of information so that it gives the illusion that the intent of the message is easily misconstrued?


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