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ICE’s Bakkt Crypto Trading Platform Hires Two More Experts, Erik Haas and Rachel Ford

The cryptocurrency platform Bakkt continues to hire experts before the launch of their crypto platform. According to a recent report released by The Block, the company recruited two new directors.

One of them is Erik Haas, who joined from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) as director of compliance. The second one is Rachel Ford, who will be working as the strategic operations manager. Rachel Ford left her role at Techstars.

Bakkt is a company that was founded by the Intercontinental Exchange with the intention to offer services to financial institutions and other traditional investors. As the cryptocurrency market expanded during the last years, the infrastructure for institutions was not developed in the same way as for retail investors. Thus, Bakkt wants to address this issue and offer the necessary infrastructure for traditional investors to invest in virtual currencies and have exposure to the crypto market.

Back in January, Bakkt was also hiring engineers and other experts to build their platform. The launch of the platform was delayed due to different issues and because the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (CFTC), took longer to review their application.

The firm has also received a $182 million fundraising at the end of the last year. Now, the company wants to launch a new futures market for Bitcoin. However, the launching date remains unclear.



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