With the rise in the number of individuals and companies needing a way to store their data safely, the advantages of using a cloud server are becoming more apparent by the day. As data production continues, hackers and other malicious individuals are finding more mischievous ways to get their hands on this crucial data. And with cloud storage falling short regarding security, there is need to seek for a better alternative or combination to improve on these shortcomings. That is why innovations are now incorporating the use of blockchain security traits to build secure cloud storage networks for organizations.

What Is ICloudSec?

ICloudSec is a pioneer in implementing a blockchain cloud network with a full security network for the typical users. Their networking solution will provide a better handling of crucial data and complete robustness in how network automation takes place within an eco-space. The use of blockchain technology also proves essential in getting to protect the data within the eco-system free from manipulations and interference. As a result, ICloudSec will help solve the constant risks involved for service providers regarding the matter of network service deployment.

How ICloudSec Blockchain Cloud Security Token Can Benefit You

  • Helps to protect your identity within the network- through the trust model within the platform, each user has the power to control and manage access to their own identity. That means only the participant has the right to share the character to just trusted entities.
  • High level of privacy protection- ICloudSec ensures no third-party interference or manipulation can take place through its analytic engine process. The unique feature makes a note of any changes within the data and notifies of a data breach.
  • Prevents cases of data hacks and breaches- the process within ICloudSec also blocks any entry of malicious data or information entries within the networks components eliminating any instances of hacking.
  • Facilitates constant monitoring and verification- ICloudSec continuously ensures no network policy change or security risks takes place within the ecosystem.
  • Allows for protection against data manipulation within the network- the trust model within the platform is also an excellent alternative when it comes to mitigating data manipulation resulting from unauthorized access and in return offer privacy protection.

iCloudSec Applications

For anyone business in search of a security solution for their data, ICloudSec can serve as an alternative for your cloud storage needs. ICloudSec can come in handy especially for firms dealing with large volumes of vital data. Additionally, start-ups can also benefit from the technology with the use of secure cloud storage proving essential in driving the growth of a business. All-in-all, the innovation is a vital tool for anyone security-conscious individual who wants to protect their business.

iCloudSec CLOUD ICO Details

  • Token Supply: 200,000,000,000
  • ICO Start Date: February 26th, 2018
  • ICO End Date: May 25th, 2018
  • Currencies Accepted: Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Token Sale Hard Cap: 13500 ETH
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.001 ETH
  • Conversion Rate: TBD**

iCloudSec Conclusion

Despite the initial concerns people had over private cloud storage networks, the process and systems can significantly improve thanks to the use of blockchain technology. With the right mind-set, your business or company can make use of innovation such as ICloudSec to have a more secure and manageable platform for your data transactions. Additionally, ICloudSec features a cheaper option compared to the traditional cloud service providers. As such this makes ICloudSec an excellent security solution that will solve the constant problems that have faced the network services within organizations. Their mission to create a defensive and offensive network can prove vital for any business trying to compete.

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