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ICO Drip assists investors to find the most suitable ICOs and token sales opportunities to invest in. It provides a list of active ICO, pre-ICOs, and future ICOs and keeps a daily update on blockchain startups and any trending investments.

The ICO Drip Review: Find The Best Initial Coin Offering Token Sale Advice? platform is for anyone interested in blockchain economy and in investing in cryptocurrency. The site gives information on token sales and gives a list where investors can find active and upcoming pre-ICOs. The goal of the platform is to offer promising, trending, and interesting token sales and ICO opportunities to investors.

ICOs And Tokens

Initial coin offerings or ICOs are new investment opportunities that are gaining popularity among cryptocurrency investors. ICOs have raised more than $5 billion since the start of 2018. ICOs are new surface concepts used to crowdfund projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain based industries. Most ICOs involve the sale of digital currency to the public at a discount. This digital currency is also referred to as tokens.

A token is a digital asset of a decentralized application that is built on top of a blockchain such as Waves or Ethereum. Tokens can be created using smart contracts. The tokens are regarded as cryptocurrencies although they might have no value themselves but are a representation of the decentralized application value. The tokens are sold to investors who are interested in a project or organization for a given amount of funds.

When an ICO is successful, the firm gets money to fund its projects, and in return, it has to give tokens to the investors. Unlike stocks, tokens do not provide the investor with any ownership of the firm nor is the investor entitled to any cash flows. However, the owner of the tokens can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

Additionally, the token can be used as a medium of exchange on the firm’s platform. A firm that wants to hold an ICO should set up a website with the purchasing information and create a whitepaper. ICOs in terms of return promise an increase in the value of the tokens if the investors hold them for future sale.

Although the ICOs present a high risk on return on investment because they are unregulated, many financial experts predict that ICOs are a success and in the future, they will become a common investment. However, regulation of ICO in the future is inevitable, and some countries are already establishing plans to come up with the necessary regulations.

Why ICO Drip?

ICO Drip reviews every project submitted to them and tries to give the best ICOs and token sale information so that investors choosing to invest in any of the projects can make the best investment decision. The platform has a list of the active ICO, pre-ICOs, and the upcoming ICOs. The platform updates the list regularly to allow investors keep up with the coins they would want to invest in.

If you are a project creator who would like to submit your project’s ICO, the platform charges a fee of 0.1ETH to ensure the projects submitted are serious. You will need to fill a form describing your ICO before paying the fee.

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