ICO HeadStart Review

Before we dig out the details of ICO HEAD START, it is important to start from the basics. So what exactly is ICO HEAD START? To begin with, the platform seeks to list Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) through a careful selection by its compliance department. While doing so, ICO HEAD START aims to show a clear commitment to the highest security and the best possible ICO standards in its platform.

The main objective of ICO HEAD START is to create a community in which project creators and backers can benefit from the tips offered by industry insiders and other users in the real world. In its current state, ICO Head Start is the safest ICO fundraising community with a 100% profit sharing, no fees, and only screened projects.

Why Should You Choose ICO HEAD START?

ICO HEAD START offers various benefits as follows:

You Can Access The Safest ICO Proposals

As noted earlier, ICO Head Start has a compliance department that verifies every ICO proposal before it’s allowed on the platform. After the screening, only the selected proposals receive the seal of approval according to their scorecard analysis. The platform is aware of the challenges facing the ICO market, which is why it strives to create a suitable environment to address those challenges.

For instance, fraud cases are still common in the ICO market. False promises, inaccurate information, and other means of fraud leave a lot of doubt in the minds of investors. Lack of adequate and relevant information makes some ICOs unreliable. Besides, cybersecurity is a big threat to all ICO platforms. ICO HEAD START seeks to address these challenges by giving its members access to only the safest ICO proposals.

Tap Into The Wisdom Of The Crowd

ICO HEAD START believes in its community as the most important part of the platform. When the compliance department completes the ICOs screening process, the community members approve the selected ICO proposals. The community consists of millions of people who have the power through their voting rights, to determine the ICOs that can be successfully funded.

In the end, the community creates the funding capital, executes the structure, and democratically extends the access to every member. With millions of members contributing to the ICO HEAD START platform, it is clear that the platform delivers an indomitable hedge fund compared to any other ICO platform out there.

You Become Part Of The Iconomy

Once you join the ICO HEAD START platform, you stand to benefit from its Mother of All Tokens (MOAT) feature, which powers its iconomy. With it, each member is accorded the best level of risk management for his or her investment.

In addition, the compliance department of ICO HEAD START plays a crucial role in developing the creator’s projects. It does this by adhering to a strict code of conduct and tight security. In the end, the compliance department is able to manage each project better and responsibly while controlling all sorts of risks.

ICO Head Start Conclusion

The Seal of Approval confirms that that the compliance department has selected the best and most promising ICOs on the market. This is in line with the strictest standards offered by the company. Every ICO that goes through the screening and selection process must receive the Seal of Approval before it is listed on the platform.

The administration of the seal is the sole responsibility of the ICO HEAD START community, which gains access to the criteria with which the compliance department selected the ICOs.

With the strict selection process, as well as other features in this platform, ICO HEAD START can guarantee safety and security of investment.

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