High yield investments are a profitable venture for people who love risks. The programs provide investors with a daily income once they invest into them. Let’s take a look at one of these ventures by the name ICOhourly.

Is ICO Hourly Paying Bitcoin From ICO Sales?

It’s important to note that we haven’t invested ICOhourly as we are reviewing more promising HYIPs. Therefore we can’t confirm whether the daily payments are made. As HYIPs are high risk ventures, one should look at HYIP monitors before putting their money in.You can have a look at our blog that contains viable investments that will give you value for money.

ICO Hourly Investment Plans

The following is the investment plan offered by ICOhourly:

  • Plan 1: 4% hourly for 60 hours Min $20 Max $10,000
  • Plan 2: 5% hourly for 34 hours Min $8 Max $10,000
  • Plan 3: 150% profit after 24 hours Min $8 Max $10,000
  • Plan 4: 300% profit after 72 hours Min $ 600 Max $ 10,000
  • Plan 5: 800% profit after 1 week Min $ 600 Max $ 10,000

ICO Hourly Conclusion

As of now, we can’t guarantee the legal position of ICOhourly. Thus, investors should always carry out their due diligence before putting in their cash.

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  1. ICOHOURLY is a fraud! I made deposit $300 on 1 day, they frozen my deposit and delete my account. So they stole my deposit and do not replay on may emails also.


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