What Is ICO List King?

Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO), is an unregulated way to raise funds for new projects or to expand already existing ones. Most companies prefer this method since it has few regulations often associated with banks and other financial institutions.

The ICOs are usually designed to last for a specific period, raising a specific amount. The companies should state clearly the form of payment, the number of tokens to be sold, the manner in which they will sell them and the reward investors will get from their investments.

ICO List King lists the companies that seek to raise funds through ICO for various projects. This site comprises of a team of IT and financial specialists who carry out research on most if not all of ICOs, getting as much information about them as possible. They then analyze the companies to show which ones have potential for success and future prospects to help their visitors find the most viable investment options.

They give their investors information regarding the level of risk of various ICOs. The mission for this site is to provide the deepest and detailed information to ensure investors make the most informed decisions while investing their money.

There are a lot of fraudsters and cons in the cryptocurrency environment owing to its unregulated nature. Many honest and potential investors are losing their money and some are on the verge of making huge loses.

This is because they do not have access to the right information and analysis regarding the various ICOs available in the market. They end up investing in wrong ICOs that are set to defraud them or those that have no potential. ICOLISTING main role is to identify such fraudsters and warn investors and to identify those with potential and list them on their site.

Here Is a Break Down of What They Do

  • Carry out thorough research of ICOs and identify those with potential then list them on their site.
  • They only include in their list only those ICOs and some reviewing sites with very clean backgrounds.
  • They collect adequate information and summarize the same into comprehensive info packages about ICOs and provide them to their clients to enable them make informed decisions.
  • They also collect any feedback from their customers to ensure that they only provide the best service.

Advertising in ICO List King

ICO List King also provides advertising services to help brands and projects create and increase awareness. This site is usually visited by millions of visitors on a monthly basis looking for investment opportunities. The site takes advantage of this traffic to help create awareness of various projects and brands.

Requirements for Advertising

ICO List King requires that your project be listed in their site before being eligible for advertising. Since advertising places are always limited, the site owners advise that you identify a marketing package immediately after submitting your project to have a chance of getting a slot.

While this site is not full proof, it tries its best to get the most useful information regarding ICOs to assist investors get the most of their money. It also serves to protect people from losing their money through con artists.

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