There’s nothing that makes the heart of an ICO investor melt with gratitude than finally finding a genuine and trustworthy ICO with affordable tokens and potential for massive profits. Such types of investments don’t come cheaply, however, as they can only be snapped in an ICO marketplace whose reviews are informative.

Unfortunately, it isn’t so familiar to get a good marketplace to understand that in the first place!

Introducing ICO PLEX

If you would like to be the first person to learn about super-hot and verified, upcoming ICOs and private token pre-sale, you might need to keep your eyes glued to ICO PLEX. It is a hub of all future ICOs with affordably priced and limited amount of tokens right at the pre-sale stage, right before the main pre-sale. What ICO PLEX does is to run an expert analysis of the whole Initial Coin Offering and determine its genuineness and validity before it goes live!

How ICOs Are Checked And Verified

To stand with its promise of delivering news of promising and lucrative Initial Coin Offerings and private token sales, ICO PLEX regularly performs rigorous tests on selected projects. The tests are split into four to touch on the validity of the whole project. Tests, therefore, include:

Legal Tests Of The ICO

Being the single most important thing about an ICO and private pre-sale of tokens, legal tests touch on at least three topics. It first assesses the project’s Whitepaper to determine if it has all the parts, well stated and elaborated.

The legal tests then extend to the project’s compliance with the local rules. This touch on the local marketing habits before this test ending with ICO PLEX checking to determine whether it complies with local laws and taxation rules or not.

Finance And Investment

For a funding project to get that much-needed green light from ICO PLEX, the viability of its business model must be ascertained. Also, the token economy must be thoroughly vetted, similar to what the team is subjected to. The need for this stems from the fact that the intention of seeking investor funding should be genuine and realistic and has a credible group of project founders and developers.

IT And Test Tests

It is also critical to assess the project’s product performance and capacity as a way of determining the nature of the tokens. And while doing this, ICO PLEX also undertakes a security audit of the blockchain architecture and algorithm. Coincidentally, this test is the first to be subjected to any project by ICO PLEX.

Benefits Of ICO PLEX

The test entails assessing product demand or how the entire project might be perceived. It also handles the ICO token sale strategy as well as its marketing strategy.

  1. ICO PLEX is blockchain-based, essentially pegged on the Ethereum blockchain for the ease of creating smart contracts.
  2. Through this platform, you can get tokens whose value will have been slashed by as much as 75%.
  3. Each ICO is tested and verified to ensure that it is safe and worth investing in.
  4. The whole platform is decentralized, safe and transparent for trustworthy transactions.

Ico Plex Verdict

Ico Plex has an impressive idea of being the first ICO marketplace where listed Initial Coin Offerings will be of high credibility status. While checking out the social media handles of this project, it’s safe to say it is designed for the future.

At the moment, the site has no Whitepaper or token available for purchase. It is still young, and indeed it’s worth watching out for!

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