ICO Stats – Track & Monitor Initial Coin Offering Cryptocurrencies?

ICO Stats, found online at, is a statistics website dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is ICO Stats?

ICO Stats is a website dedicated to tracking initial coin offerings, or ICOs. The website features the names of cryptocurrencies that have recently launched, including their weekly gains, their initial price, and their current price.

A site like ICO Stats was sorely needed for the cryptocurrency community. There are dozens of ICOs taking place as we speak, but keeping track of all these separate ICOs can be difficult. ICO Stats breaks everything down into an easy-to-read UI available for free directly on their official website.

For those out of the loop, ICOs are launched by cryptocurrency companies as a type of crowdfunding platform. Cryptocurrency companies announce a new digital token, explain the merits of uses of that token, and then make the token available for sale online through an ICO. Some companies sell out their entire coin supply in minutes.

Most ICOs, however, last around 30 to 60 days. Early investors typically receive some incentives – like a 10% bonus on coins purchased during the first day, for example.

Thanks to ICO Stats, keeping track of all of these ICOs is easier than ever. Let’s take a closer look at the website’s features.

What Does ICO Stats Track?

With ICO Stats, you can view detailed data about a number of different ICOs taking place, including all of the following metrics:

One of the cool things about ICO Stats is that you can sort ICOs by each of these stats. You can sort by ROI since launch, for example, to find coins that have really knocked it out of the park. At the time of writing, the Stratis digital token was up nearly 80,000% from its ICO.

The coin originally launched at a price of 0.007 during its ICO, but has since gone up to $5.60. It’s leading the pack. Other coins, however, have dropped in value since their ICO.

You can also sort coins by their ROI by time (either week, month, or day).

Want to see how each coin’s ICO compares to the value of BTC or ETH over a time period? You can rank coins based on the value of the world’s two biggest cryptocurrencies. This is a very useful tool, as it shows you whether a coin’s increase is due to real value in the currency – or if it’s part of the cryptocurrency world increasing in value as a whole.

Finally, ICO Stats has a comparison tool where you can compare as many ICO currencies against each other as you like. Currencies are compared on a colorful graph, letting you see their price movements over time in comparison to other cryptocurrencies.

About ICO Stats

ICO Stats is being developed by Cooper Maruyama, who appears to be an internet marketer turned conversion rate optimization expert, according to his profile.

Interestingly, there are no advertisements on the ICO Stats website. The only sign of monetization is in the lower left corner of the screen, where the creator of the site has posted a very small link to a wallet as a tipjar.

The company’s Trello card, and its future development plans, can be seen on their site. Users can comment on some of those Trello cards to leave comments and recommendations for future developments.

ICO Stats Conclusion

ICO Stats is an ICO performance tracker that offers a simple UI, free information, and an advertisement-free platform. It’s a useful site that compares valuable stats for dozens of ICOs taking place across the internet. Visit online today at

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