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Initial coin offerings are not the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. While there are many initial coin offerings that truly offer a valuable and innovative solution that integrates blockchain technology, there are just as many fraudulent initial coin offerings that exist solely to capitalize on unsuspecting investors,

Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of the Ethereum network, has recently commented on the state of the initial coin offering ecosystem, referencing the many redundant and less-than-effective platforms being launched via tokenization:

“high-quality projects, but there have been a lot of copycat projects where people copy all the same materials (and) don't intend to deliver any value to the people buying the tokens,”

May countries around the world are currently scrambling to develop regulatory frameworks in an attempt to control the initial coin offering market, which is currently not bound by any legal structures. With so many different initial coin offerings launching every day, it can be extremely difficult to determine whether an offering is worth investing in or not.

A new platform, however, is aiming to provide investors with a centralized list of all initial coin offerings, providing a comprehensive database of ICOs and their specifics. Ico Voting is intended to provide users with the ability to inform themselves and make better investment decisions regarding initial coin offerings.

What Is Ico Voting?

The Ico Voting platform is relatively simple. It provides initial coin offering team members with the ability to list their ICO on the platform, which is then added to a growing database of ICOs. Users can then leverage the information provided to determine whether they believe it is a good investment or not.

In addition to tracking upcoming ICOs, the IcoVoting platform also tracks the results of ICOs, allowing investors to see how they perform. This information is freely available, but IcoVoting also provides further information to users that sign up the platform.

Signing up to IcoVoting provides access to a carefully verified set of information on each initial coin offering, as well as the ability to vote on ICOs and provide comments, feedback, and links to information found on an ICO.

This crowdsourced information gathering system is designed to allow the very best initial coin offerings to gain additional exposure, as well as assist initial coin offering investors in avoiding fraudulent platforms.

The IcoVoting platform also references a Prize Pool that provides participants with the ability to enter into a contest to win a share of 100,000 Fundery tokens.

Ico Voting Review Summary

The IcoVoting platform is an interesting concept that applies crowd intelligence to the controversial and difficult to navigate initial coin offering space. If you’re looking for information regarding a new initial coin offering, it’s definitely worth checking out IcoVoting.


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