The rise and prominence of digital currencies have coincided with the ever-growing number of ICOs we are witnessing.

If you keep up with the latest in the crypto world, you would know that 2017 set the standard for the rise of ICOs and TGEs (Token Generation Events) that saw crypto funding even surpass the traditional venture capitalism. However, not all these token sales or events live up to their hype as another turn to become lucrative venture while another end up failing or turning to outright scams. While the failing ICOs are often due to the individual's projects lacking the technical know-how to meet the set best practices?

Luckily, ventures are looking to offer the standards and services to facilitate the successful launch and sale of the digital tokens. If you are in need of an ICO technical solution then the following platform could launch you to a more responsible path for your blockchain venture.

About ICOAdm.in

ICOadm.in is an upcoming ICO that is set to launch an international platform to build and sustain successful ICO launches. The blockchain platform will enable interested ICO startups to seek and raise capital through the provision of innovative and convenient turnkey solutions. Consequently, ICOadm.in hopes to allow investors to get involved in ICOs much faster and quicker while the startup entrepreneurs get financial and technical support for their new business ventures. Additionally, the platform will work under a token which facilitates the transactions and payments within ICOadm.in

The Features Of The ICOAdm Platform

  • A dashboard-ICOadm.in will offer a multilingual dashboard portal from where users can access multiple solutions and custom features. The entrance will feature social links, referral programs, bounty options, credit card and cryptocurrency support. There is also a KYC solution built in within
  • Smart contracts-users also get to customize different smart contracts types including the ERC-20 or ERC-223 model standards
  • Intelligent contract audit portal-with presence of 3rd parties, ICOadm.in will ensure the review of the intelligent contracts in question.

How ICOs Stand To Benefit From The Venture

While most would ask on how ICOadm.in could benefit them, a significant part of the project focusing on helping more of the ICO's entrepreneurs. As such, here is how ICOadm.in could make the ICO more successful

  • Multiple currencies use to support both cryptocurrency, fiat, credit card and wire transfers options
  • The multilingual option allows for different users to translate into any desired languages
  • KYC option enables for identification validation to ensure no scamming or legal issues
  • User-friendly interface that incorporates investment experience, social networking and communication options
  • Secure level of access with two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time password (OTP) for the account
  • An admin panel that accompanies the ICO settings and management of the configurations
  • A referral program allows for the ICO admin to reward subscribers who contribute ICO participants or crowdfunding through the bonus schemes.

The Outlook With ICOadm.in

With the future of cryptocurrency, there is plenty of reasons why products such as ICOadm.in could become more popular in the ICO world. With the need for more transparency, technical solutions and thorough vetting involved in ICOs, investment is growing much less of exciting and more of the standards. In conclusion, ICOadm.in is forming the perfect measure to ensure we safely and securely embrace the ICO community in the best way we would want.

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