ICOBox is a financial company that deals in cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. This is a trade that uses the internet to transfer digital currencies from one user to another. However, since blockchain technology stores identical information simultaneously within its network, it is difficult to hack as the information within it is not fixed to a particular internet location. It is available to all users at the same time.

Bitcoins are the original currency in this highly secure trade that guarantees transactions validity. The system, in essence, keeps self-auditing in every transaction and is therefore transparent and cannot be corrupted. It is this system that ICOBox uses.

ICOBox ICOS Token Products

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offers. This is a sale of rights to own and earn royalties that a project makes. The ICO is therefore equivalent to a stock certificate that indicates the owner’s willingness to invest in the project and share in its profits. The ICO investors buy coins in a company, and if the business is successful, they reap the profits.

ICOBox helps companies that need funding for growth. This is done by facilitating the sale of their products through ICO crowdsales. With a solution oriented structure, the company’s pillars are in technology, marketing, and legal assistance to their clients.

Legal Solutions

The company reviews and recommends the various choices open to the companies that are interested in running an ICO. It handles the various price offers and also discounts where applicable. The tokens purchaser needs to have them backed by physical assets. These can then be used for trade as internal credits within the system.

ICOBox also handles the legal documents required. This includes settling on an agreement regarding the token purchase, the terms of use, as well as the privacy policy. Furthermore, the company is kept up to date by constant consultation by an experienced external attorney whose specialty is ICO support. The tokens purchased allow their holders access to a wide array of services. This includes access to various memberships and licenses to unique software.

The attorneys also handle the white paper which enables their clients to make informed decisions. This is before the contracts are made and signed.

Technology Solutions

With their expertise in ICOs, ICOBox is linked to various developers that are knowledgeable in building up technology tools. They implement smart contracts in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies, which allows for a self-executing system between parties without the need for an intermediary. This is cheaper and faster as no intermediaries come between the permitted parties. ICOBox manages this system on behalf of their clients.

Marketing Solutions

ICOBox conducts its marketing in 25 languages. Furthermore, it packages its marketing campaigns in an attractive way that targets the blockchain community. Moreover, the company provides a number of packages to cater to the diverse financial abilities of their clients. For example, they offer a bonus to those investors who purchase the full-service package. Their constant consultations with marketing experts means that optimum marketing tools are at their customers' disposal.

ICOBox ICOS Token Pros And Cons

The ICO industry has been breaking records in trade and has seen some companies hitting dizzying heights of profits within a short time. This has seen an explosion of investments. The secure nature of the transactions is a bonus. On the downside, bogus companies have come up to cash in on the ignorance of the general public about cryptocurrency. They have launched Ponzi schemes and engaged in phishing under the cover of a fake ICO. These are pitfalls investors need to look out for.

ICOBox ICOS Token Conclusion

ICOBox is based on blockchain technology and is secure, well established, and ideal for those companies seeking funds through ICOs. The support of ICOBox provides them with a valuable partnership.

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