ICOBOX is a tool for initial coin offerings, or ICOs. Find out everything you need to know about the ICOBOX solution today in our review.


ICOBOX, found online at ICOBOX.io, is a platform designed to make it easier to manage ICOs. The platform includes a technology solution (like smart contracts and a smart contract management system), a legal solution (like sets of legal documents and token purchase agreements), and a marketing solution (which includes marketing tactics, traffic packages, and solar media strategies).

Obviously, many companies are interested in ICOs. They’ve heard the record-breaking news hitting headlines every day. However, few companies know how to begin launching an ICO, or how to setup the framework around an ICO. That’s where ICOBOX sees an opportunity to help.

ICOBOX has three packages available, ranging from 25 to 50 BTC. They also charge a “success fee” ranging from 1% to 3%.

In terms of experience, the team at ICOBOX has 2+ years of blockchain experience and has provided legal consulting for 10+ ICOs. They also have 14+ years of marketing experience and 15+ years of development experience.

How Does ICOBOX Work?

ICOBOX narrows its offerings down to three distinct solutions, including a Technology, Legal, and Marketing solution. You can choose to order one solution for 25 BTC, two solutions for 40 BTC, or three solutions for 50 BTC. Here’s a breakdown of how each solution enhances the effectiveness of your ICO:

Technology Solution

  • Smart Contract
  • Smart Contract Management System
  • Book Building platform
  • Consultations from developers on how to setup the technology tools

Legal Solution

  • Review and recommendations: the legal concept of the token, whitepaper, and landing page
  • Sets of legal documents, including a token purchase agreement, terms of use, and privacy policy
  • Consultations on legal aspects by external attorneys experienced in supporting ICOs

Marketing Solution

  • Marketing strategy that includes over 70 different tactics, including a specification of each tactic’s potential impact
  • A $20,000 USD traffic package that includes Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, and Reddit, targeted at the blockchain community across the internet
  • Bounty program setup to conduct marketing campaigns in 25 languages
  • Consultations from marketing experts on deployment of marketing tools

When you purchase the full package (all three solutions for 50 BTC), you also get a free gift that includes a review of your token concept and consultations by business analysts (including providing guidelines on drafting the whitepaper and the landing page).

ICOBOX also prides itself on its ability to work quickly. The company will take two weeks to prepare, then conduct the PR campaign over 4 weeks. After this period is complete, the ICO is ready to launch.

Who Should Use ICOBOX?

Obviously, an ICO isn’t the right solution for every company. Some companies should stick with the traditional venture capital route, while others may benefit through an ICO. ICOBOX claims their fundraising tool is best suited for projects that can offer tokens like the following:

  • Tokens backed by physical assets, which can be used by token holders as a consumable or useful product, with internal credits spent within the system or used for other purposes within a company’s internal ecosystem
  • Tokens that provide their holders with unique features, like discounts for products and services
  • Tokens that offer their holders access to unique products, licenses to specific software, access to nonpublic communities and memberships, and more

Of course, ICOs aren’t just designed to benefit users. They can also benefit businesses. ICOs have a minimal entry threshold, maximum security, highest profitability, and low barriers to entry.


Here’s the basic process you’ll walk through when signing up for ICOBOX:

Step 1) Fill out the application
Step 2) Summarize your product and token concepts
Step 3) Sign the contract
Step 4) Pay for the services you ordered
Step 5) Start working

Who’s Behind ICOBOX?

ICOBOX was founded by Mike Raitsyn, Nick Evdokimov, and Anar Babaev. The team is backed by over 15+ analysts, blockchain specialists, programmers, lawyers, and other specialists.

ICOBOX Pricing

  • Any Solution: 25 BTC + 1% Success Fee
  • Any 2 Solutions: 40 BTC + 2% Success Fee
  • Full Package: 50 BTC + 3% Success Fee

ICOBOX also offers discounts on certain ICOs. You can give the company a certain percentage of your tokens sold during the ICO, for example, and get discounts ranging from 25 BTC (if you buy one solution) to 50 BTC (if you buy the full package).

Alternatively, if you just want someone to review your concept, you can pay ICOBOX 1 BTC to assess your ICO and review your token concept.

ICOBOX Conclusion

ICOBOX is a service catering to businesses that wish to pursue an ICO. The company will walk you through every aspect of running an ICO – from the legal framework of your token to the marketing campaign leading up to your ICO. The company’s services are priced between 25 and 50 BTC. You can learn more today by visiting ICOBOX.io.

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