ICOHUB is an online platform that helps startups arrange an ICO campaign. Find out everything you need to know about ICOHUB today in our review.


ICOHUB is an online platform catered to startup companies preparing for an initial coin offering, or ICO. Today, many startups know about the advantages of an ICO – but have no idea how to launch, manage, or prepare for their ICO. That’s where ICOHUB comes in.

ICOHUB is accepting requests through its website. The company regularly conducts meetings for startups who wish to conduct an ICO. If you wish to attend a meeting, you can fill out the form on the official ICOHUB.org website.

Right now, startups who submit an idea through the website will be entered to win a significant accelerator prize – including access to the resources of the Waves Platform. The best startups will be chosen by community voting. Up to 3 winners will be selected.

ICOHUB was created as part of the Waves Platform, the startup accelerator catered towards the world of blockchain technology. On May 24, 2017, the Waves Platform’s official blog announced the ICOHUB Startup Contest. Applications were accepted between May 24 and June 12.

Even after the contest is over, however, it appears ICOHUB will continue accepting startup applications through its site. Selected startups will be able to attend meetings that take place throughout the year.

ICOHUB Services

ICOHUB participates in a diverse range of roles across the ICO industry. They’re engaged in investment analysis (scoring) and due diligence projects. Overall, they claim to help startups arrange an ICO campaign with the following services:

  • Structuring
  • Preparation of documentation required to raise funds (including business outline, development plan, and whitepaper.
  • Development of marketing plan, including conducting a marketing campaign
  • Technical support for the ICO

Overall, the organization wants to help startups bring their idea to market using the power of an ICO.

ICOHUB Benefits

ICOHUB advertises all of the following benefits for startups considering an ICO:

  • ICOs work as a digital analog to traditional investment vehicles (like assets, securities, property rights, etc.), and are more suited for today’s modern digital economy
  • Access to an unlimited range of small and large investors from all over the world
  • Low costs compared to traditional investment forms
  • Much more flexible requirements for the project compared to traditional investment forms (like fewer regulatory hurdles)
  • Possibility of raising investments at the earliest stages of project implementation, like long before you release a full platform or even a better
  • Greater flexibility in project structure

Ultimately, ICOHUB wants to help startups enjoy all of the advantages of an ICO. They describe an ICO as a combination of the advantages of IPO, crowdfunding, and decentralized technology – which is why we’re seeing ICOs becoming more and more popular.

What Is The ICOHUB Startup Contest?

The ICOHUB startup contest was created by the Waves Platform. Startups were encouraged to submit their idea to ICOHUB.org between May 25 and June 12.

Waves will select a winner after community voting. Up to 3 winners will be selected. The winner will have access to the Waves Platform’s marketing, legal, and technical resources for their ICO campaign. The startup will also be advised throughout their project. The goal is to create a project with a pre-ICO target of around $100,000 USD.

The winners will be chosen by community voting. Voting starts on June 17.

If the pre-ICO is successful, the Waves Platform may extend its cooperation for the subsequent ICO campaign.

Even after the contest is over, it appears that ICOHUB will still accept startup applications and continue conducting meetings for startup companies throughout the year. To submit your startup idea or prototype today, visit their website and submit your idea through the online form.

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