ICOMG is an ICO information platform that promises to ensure you never miss an ICO due to a timing conflict or your country’s IP being blocked. Find out more in our ICOMG review.

What is ICOMG?

ICOMG, found online at ICOMG.io, is a 100% anonymous way for anyone in any country to participate in initial coin offerings. The platform doesn’t require you to sign up for any account, nor does it require you to input personal information.

The goal of ICOMG is simple: the platform wants to help users participate in ICOs regardless of their location. Many ICOs block residents of the United States due to a fear of future lawsuits, for example, and more ICOs are now blocking Chinese residents after September’s crackdown. Residents of Singapore and other countries can also find their IPs blacklisted from IPOs.

Overall, ICOMG wants to ensure you never again miss an ICO due to a timing conflict or a blocked IP address.

The ICOMG token sale begins on September 29.

How Does ICOMG Work?

The ICOMG ecosystem revolves around the ICOMG token, which is an ERC20-compliant token representing 100% of the website’s gross profits forever. If you own 1% of the total supply of all ICOMG tokens, then you’ll receive 1% of all gross profit on ICOMG forever.

The platform itself is a third party service that allows users to participate in initial coin offerings anonymously using Ether. ICOMG will have a listing for each and every upcoming ICO as well as an Ether address to send funds for any ICO in which you’d like to participate.

The company promises to block nobody, regardless of their country.

All ICO payments are processed anonymously, and ICOMG collects no information from you.

Basically, you’re just paying someone to buy ICO tokens on your behalf. And the service isn’t exactly cheap.

ICOMG Pricing

ICOMG charges a flat fee of 10% in ETH for each ICO purchase.

That 10% is distributed in full to ICOMG token holders the first day of each month, beginning on November 1.

The ICOMG Token Sale

ICOMG is seeking to raise funds to continue the development of its platform. Each ICOMG token represents a proportional share in the company’s earnings. If you own 1% of the total supply of ICOMG tokens, for example, then you’re entitled to receive 1% of all profits earned by the ICOMG.io website.

The token sale begins on September 29 at 5pm GMT and will run for 1 week.

There will be a total supply of 10,000,000 ICOMG tokens. 9 million of those tokens will be sold during the ICO at a price of 1 ETH = 300 ICOMG.

There’s a hard cap of 30,000 ETH. Any tokens (out of the 9 million) unsold after the token sale will be destroyed at the conclusion of the ICO. The remaining 1 million coins, after a 10% deduction for marketing, will be kept by the ICOMG team for site costs and operations, and will be diluted down to 10% of all ICOMG tokens, with any leftover being destroyed.

ICOMG Conclusion

ICOMG aims to allow anyone to participate in ICOs. The platform accepts your ETH anonymously, then contributes to the ICO of your choice after taking a 10% cut as a fee. The platform is launching an ICO on September 29. That ICO lasts one week. As an ICOMG token holder, you’re entitled to a proportional share of profits earned by the ICOMG.io website.

Ultimately, there’s not much information about ICOMG available online. There’s no whitepaper, for example, and there are no statements about expected earnings or profits. It’s not even totally clear how ICOMG is different than, say, a proxy or VPN – aside from the fact that it’s totally anonymous (even if you’re using a VPN, the company running the ICO may still require you to provide personal information). If you’re paying 1 ETH for 300 ICOMG tokens, then how long will it take to gain a positive return on your investment? The ICOMG website never tries to answer that question.

You can learn more about ICOMG online today at ICOMG.io.

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