What Is iConsult?

iConsult is a consultancy company for companies that want to start their businesses with the right feet. The company has already received some positive feedback from the market and now it intends to expand its activities. iConsult will launch a new cryptocurrency called CosmeCoin.

The company is focused on helping aesthetics clinics and it has helped over 500 clinics all over the world and even winning awards for its work. The founder of both iConsult and CosmeCoin is Richard Crawford-small, a consultant with years of experience.

iConsult Global Crypto Software & Consultancy Services

iConsult has devised a technique called the “Rocket Launcher”. This technique is what the company sells and it can be used to boost the sales of established companies or to launch new ones.

The model consists in a step-by-step blueprint on how to develop your business, going from steps like creating a clear strategy, a brand identity, engaging content, correct marketing skills and channels and generating efficient campaigns.

Some of the things offered by the company are resources and tools to make the clients understand the plan better and online consultations so that they can create effective strategies to maintain their businesses going and becoming more and more popular.

The company offers the following plans:

Silver: £150 GBP monthly: webinar training, access to the Facebook Community, free 1 hour call consult once;

Gold: £250 GBP monthly: all of the above, assisted system setup, one additional hour of consultation, online training session;

Platinum: £350 GBP monthly: all of the above, 1 hour of consultation at every three months, online training sessions on how to maximize your sales;

Ultimate: £450 GBP monthly: all of the above, infrastructure analysis and testing, dedicated account manager and implementation support.

iConsult also has marketing professionals to help you personally in case you want to hire a marketing professional to create your campaign.

iConsult CosmeCoin ICO Details

CosmeCoin, iConsult’s token, markets itself as “the future of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics”, which makes it clear that this cryptocurrency intends to use the market this market as a target.

The company intends to create an ecosystem to reunite cosmetic professionals and clients and reward the clients. It will be used to secure the data of the patient and protect it. The clients can have an easy access to their medical data and can find plenty of professionals via the CosmeCoin platform.

During the sale, you will be able to acquire CosmeCoin by using ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, GBP or EUR to pay for the tokens. The base price is $0.037 USD per token, but you will be able to get discounts buying them sooner. See the charts:

  • Pre sale: $0.0111 USD per token (30% discount);
  • ICO Stage 1: $0.0185 USD per token (50% discount);
  • ICO Stage 2: $0.0259 USD per token (30% discount);
  • ICO Stage 3: $0.0333 USD per token (10% discount).

Specific dates for the ICO have not been set at the time of this report.

CosmeCoin cannot be bought by a person that resides or was born in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Africa, China, Republic of Korea or Russia.

iConsult Conclusion

While iConsult’s consultation services sound like what a blockchain company needs to succeed in this market during its ICO, we are not so sure about its cryptocurrency, CosmeCoin. CosmeCoin does not seem like a product that the world really needs, just a cryptocurrency that will be out there.

Hopefully, the company’s expertise in sales and marketing will be handy as they will transform this currency into a relevant player, but we are still not so sure about that.

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  1. Hi, I’m Richard Crawford-Small and we are not a “consultancy company”. We are a provider of interactive clinic management system for cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics businesses. Our ICO is to help us swap our existing tech stack to blockchan and enable consumers to find trusted practitioners, use iConsult to record the information, store that data on IPFS and use Cosmecoin as a sophisticated reward system to reward best practice. Not sure where your conclusion has come from but feel free to contact me and we can discuss the inaccuracies


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