In the era of crypto coins, crowdfunding has become easier than ever before. This has been made possible via the ICO. In 2017 alone, over $4 billion was raised from ICOs. This has been made possible because of the blockchain, smart investing, and the goodwill of people. This is why CCDEK and OpenLedger have partnered to bring the future: Crowdfunding 3.0

With this platform, investors will no longer have to search the web, trying to find the right information about the newest crowdsale. Instead, ICOO will contain all that information of the best and biggest ICOs all in a central point. With this platform, you will never miss the opportunity of a lifetime again. You will be able to invest even before the ICO is launched. CCEDK will hold the funds in escrow until the ICO is launched.

The CCEDK will work glove in hand with the start-up to launch the ICO. Whether you want to grow your business or bring a prototype to the masses, if the community falls in love with your idea, they will give their money to you. ICOO will be able to take a small fee from the sale of ICO packages and invest them in commodities backed by digital tokens. This way, holders of ICOO will get real returns over time.

How ICOO Will Work In The Future

When you want to acquire ICO packages or other types of packages on CDEK in future, it is going to be a bit different. You will order the content that you want there and pay in USD. When checking out, you will then have to pay for what you purchase in ICOO. This will be achieved by sending the equivalent value to a CDEK designated account on OpenLedger. This is just one of the many variations that could exist for an ICO start-up package.

How Crowdfunding Token Profits Are Shared

The profit distribution model proposed is only for the first generation of token sales. It may be adjusted in future to be even more favorable. 40% of the ICOO profits will go to CCEDK and to advertising. The rest of the profits, 60%, will be divided into various categories:

  • 20% of the revenues will be used to pay monthly dividends or for the buyback of OBITS and will be then burned.
  • 65% of these profits will be used for the ICOO tokens buyback, which will then be burned.
  • 10% will be used to buy back OBITs from the OBITS market, which will be held in reserve to act as rewards for bloggers.
  • 5% will be used on BTSR to buy back tokens from the BTSR market, to be used for advertising purposes.
  • 0.13% on interest from DGD will be used as quarterly payment in DGX and will be added as a reserve fund to the ICOO value. It is worth noting that 25% of the total value of ICOO is in DGD.

60% of all annual profits by ICOO will be used in the monthly buyback program. It is worth noting that ICOO is not creating a project that offers regular profits. However, they do aim to help startups accelerate the development of their projects by giving them a new platform where they can create their ICOs.

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