If you are not an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you are probably missing out on the big boom that is ICOs. And they are raking in a massive investment regarding figures. With several of the ICOs expecting huge returns it is only fair that to see the significant number of investors.

However, the challenge lies in how to access these ICOs. The considerable number of fraud and scam cases is a significant pain within the ICO scene, with most of the channels relying on less than secure platforms to offer the public entry to the blockchain venture. Typically, a lot of individual rely on investors joining ICO pools as a way to access their investment. If you are new to ICO, then the next ICO pool should fancy your interest.

What Is ICOPools?

ICOPOOLS.io is blockchain-based legacy ICO pools that offer investors an informational service on the latest information on live deals, and metrics involving ICO pools. The ICO pool further represents the data on a useful metric table with additional sorting options to the users.

For crypto investors looking for a collective ICO information site, ICOPOOLS.io offer an additional convenient way to get you the right investment details in the latest ICOs through the pools. The concept is to get a simplified platform to monitor different ICO pools and investors wisely and timely.

ICOPools ICO Community Fund Raising Pools Fundamentals

The table format presents an adequate arrangement for all the details to fit in. All the ICO pools have a default sorting which is by rating. Each rating works on a formula which relies on the token distributions and successful ICO rounds. Consequently, this means the pool rating also depends on the success of the series.

Additional features include links to the ICOs information sources such as websites, social chat, discord groups and other contacts. There is also a description of the rating calculation. The Know Your Customer option is also present to assure the authenticity of the customers and ICOs.

Is ICOPools Reliable?

Protecting your interest is the number one priority to ensure that your ICO pool reaches your full expectations. While picking the best ICO pool is a challenge, there are metrics you can single out to identify its reliability. Here is how you can apply that to ICOPOOLS.io

  • Token distribution rounds- includes the number for a given pool with the ratio of the total series already held and token distribution rounds.
  • Successful round completion- combines a proportion of the number of rounds with successful completion and the completed set.
  • Some top ICOs- for any ICO pool, having the most popular ICOs builds up your reputation in the cryptocurrency world as a reliable service. Additionally, ICOPOOLS.io offers an active ICO panel for the latest ICOs.

ICOPools Risks

Like all other ICO pools, ICOPOOLS.io does carry its risks. More often the danger lies in the venture turning out to be a scam. While this is a typical case in the ICO scene, there are measures you can take to guarantee you are on the safe side before getting scammed. Here are some of the steps you can take

  • Check the registration of the ICO pool company
  • Level of Activity in the community.
  • Seek realistic claims
  • Do your research
  • Take precautions when following links or messages

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  1. I want to share my experience with ICOPools.io. This company offered us in attracting investors through pools. ICOPools.io – is a company, which proposes the rating of pools. The main condition of collaboration was the analysis of the company and submitting information on ICOpools.io website.
    After signing the agreement, ICOpools.io team worked on the project’s evaluation and published information about our company on its website.
    The first unexpected news was the low score of my project provided by ICOpools.io. I was strongly recommended to add more information. The main arguments were the low rating of our project to increase for extra charge.
    Initially, they indicate recommendations to attract clients (project evaluation, posting information on the ICOpools.io website), and then didn’t do further steps. All official accounts of ICOpools.io are not active. ICOpools.io get money from customers, by selling inactive resources which will not give traffic or attract investors. Our company worked with this project and paid them $ 2,000 for attracting the pools. As result we hadn’t any pools and any good rating that this company made for us. We wasted our time and money. After research, we mentioned that a low activity in their official accounts. It seems strange that the website with good statistics( about 500 K visitors) has low activity in social networks.
    Unfortunately, I am very disappointed in collaboration with ICOpools.io. The activity is misleading; I will advise being careful with this project.


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