ICOpromo is a blockchain startup specialist that helps to fund and launch blockchain companies. Find out everything you need to know about ICOpromo today in our review.

What Is ICOpromo?

ICOpromo partners with blockchain startups to launch initial coin offerings, or ICOs. The company uses top marketing professionals, worldwide marketing, and media connections to ensure ICOs are successful.

Companies can contact ICOpromo if they need marketing and additional exposure. Or, ICOpromo can provide full ground-up development of an ICO concept and whitepaper. The organization can also help companies list their tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, or offer general business development consultant services in the cryptocurrency space.

ICOpromo claims to have “the best marketing team in the business” and to “only work with the top professionals in the space” to deliver ICO results “that always exceed our client’s expectations.”

That team has firsthand experience with blockchain technology along with connections with the media, journalists, and experts in the field. Together, these services make ICOpromo a leading partner for companies who wish to launch cryptocurrencies and crypto-tokens.

ICOpromo is led by founder Alexander Rugaev, an industry veteran based in Sydney, Australia.

ICOpromo caters its services to a diverse range of groups, including individuals and large corporations. Clients have included some big names in the blockchain world, including Chronobank.io, TASS.fund, and SONM.io.

In a testimonial on the official website, SONM founder Sergey Ponomarev described ICOpromo as “the best marketer I know” and claimed it gave his company “many connections and opportunities” while being “very straightforward” to use.

ICOpromo Services

What kind of services do ICOpromo’s clients enjoy? Here’s what the company offers to help launch your blockchain startup:

  • ICO concept creation
  • White paper drafting
  • ICO platform
  • Token development
  • Worldwide marketing
  • PR and journalist relations
  • Crypto-exchange listings
  • Business development
  • Seed investments and VC investments

As the company explains, they “live and breathe blockchain and ICOs”. Using their expertise combined with industry relationships, they want to help startups launch blockchain technology successfully.

Who’s Behind ICOpromo?

ICOpromo is led by Alexander Rugaev, a Sydney, Australia-based ICO and crowdfunding expert. You can learn more about Rugaev at his LinkedIn page. He’s listed as an ICO Executive for SONM and Chronobank and as a Senior Advisor for Ethereum. Rugaev also worked as an Investment Advisor for an unnamed peer-to-peer lending fund.

You can get in touch with Rugaev online at [email protected]

ICOpromo Conclusion

ICOpromo is a consultant/accelerator service specializing in blockchains ad ICOs. The organization is led by industry veteran Alexander Rugaev. Over the past few years, ICOpromo has helped SONM and Chronobank hold successful ICOs.

ICOpromo promises to use its industry expertise combined with media connections in order to help your blockchain startup become successful. In addition to Rugaev, the team behind ICOpromo has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the blockchain space.

Whether you need PR or international marketing, or you want help creating a whitepaper, token, and ICO platform from the ground-up, ICOpromo appears to be an expert in the space. You can get in touch with the organization through the contact form on their website.

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