ICOSHIP is a trusted ICO listing website catered to the cryptocurrency community. Find out everything you need to know about the website today in our review.

What Is ICOSHIP.co?

ICOSHIP.co is an informational website dedicated to transparently featuring ongoing and upcoming ICOs.

The website spotlights new crypto projects that are currently going through the fundraising process, then conducts due diligence to ascertain the viability of these projects.

From the homepage of ICOSHIP, for example, you can view a selection of upcoming ICOs. You can click on an image next to a relevant company to view information about that ICO.

There are also two countdown clocks. There’s a purple countdown clock to the start date of the crowdsale, and a green countdown clock to the last day of the crowdsale.

By default, the homepage of ICOSHIP.co features a selection of upcoming ICOs. However, the website also features a list of completed ICOs. You can check to see information about ICOs that have already been completed.

Ultimately, there’s not much information listed on ICOShip.co: it’s just a straightforward informational website that features the time the ICO takes place, the time the ICO will be completed, and the name of the company. Each listing is accompanied with a link to the company’s official website. ICOSHIP, however, doesn’t appear to add any company information of its own.

However, the website does have a blog where it explains how upcoming ICOs work, and any notable news you need to know about companies going through an ICO.

Add A Project To ICOSHIP.co

You can add a project to the website by visiting this URL: icoship.co/add-a-project-contact

After you submit a request, the team will do due diligence on your company. If your company and ICO are found to be trustworthy and genuine, then the team will contact you to finalize your listing.

It’s not totally clear if you need to meet specific requirements to get listed on the website, or if you just need to be found trustworthy and genuine. ICOSHIP.co doesn’t list its requirements upfront – if any.

Who’s Behind ICOSHIP.co?

As far as we can tell, the creators of ICOSHIP.co have not publicly revealed themselves online. You can contact the makers of the website at [email protected], however, or through the online form at the official website.

The domain was registered on July 28, 2017, so it’s still a relatively new website.

ICOSHIP.co Conclusion

ICOSHIP.co is an informational website that features data about upcoming and completed ICOs. The minimalist website tells you about the start date for the ICO as well as the date of completion. All ICOs and companies need to go through some type of vetting process before being listed on the website, although it’s not totally clear which requirements they need to meet. The website just claims that ICOs need to be “trustworthy and genuine” to be listed on the site.

You can view a list of ICOs today through the official website at ICOSHIP.co.

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