Idea Jump iJproject Review

Recently, the amazing reach of social media campaigns combined with ease of transaction has given rise to multiple crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding has not only gone mainstream in charity or funding other social projects but also for artists, filmmakers to even small business. Crowdfunding is an essential tool in decentralizing the economy.

About Idea Jump iJproject

Idea Jump is a platform that combines crowdfunding, ICO and accelerator. It is even multilingual to maximise their global impact. The registration form of a campaign is filled the same way as with usual crowdfunding in currency of the country where the projects are being implemented.

Participants who want to fund ideas or projects can purchase tokens in the ICO campaign in a convenient way, in fiat money or in any cryptocurrency. The branches of their foundation help projects achieve their stated goals as their accelerator.

Problems Being Solved by Idea Jump

Idea Jump attempts to solve 7 main problems that are typical for crowdfunding and ICO platforms in many countries around the world, namely:

  1. The ICO is not regulated legally. Having a controlled marketplace which caters to the rules and regulations of various countries solves this problem.
  2. Slow publication of projects.
  3. Most platforms are not multi-lingual. Idea Jump already is available in English and Russian. Other languages are soon being put on board.
  4. There is no identification of buyers of tokens, and persons who acquire them for cryptocurrency, may not have proof of legality of its origin.
  5. There are risks of theft of funds by dishonest project authors. The curated listings by issuing individual tokens makes it impossible for dishonest project authors to start a campaign.
  6. There are difficulties in converting large sums from various cryptocurrencies, raised on the ICO, into fiat currency by the project authors. They offer a simple solution, conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money and payments to projects is done monthly.
  7. There are no legal mechanisms for obtaining funds from the authors of projects and buyers of tokens during the ICO. Idea Jump bears most of the risks for both authors of ideas and token buyers.

Idea Jump iJproject Token Sales

Participants need to buy the “!Jproject” tokens, which is released on waves platform. Token sale will be held in 5 stages.

  1. First stage: Sale of token worth $100 Thousand dollars was held in December 2017
  2. Second stage: Sale of token worth $1 Million dollars was held in January 2018
  3. Third stage:Sale of token worth $10 Million dollars will be held in Feb 2018
  4. Fourth stage(Pre ICO): Sale of token worth $100 Million dollars will be held in March 2018
  5. Fifth stage(ICO): Sale of token worth $1 Billion will be held in April 2018

Idea Jump iJproject Conclusion

The problems that Idea Jump is going to solve is massive and comes with most ICO sales and faced by most authors of ideas. Being a platforms that crowdfunds ICO pushes Idea Jump in a symbiotic relationship with the ICO and authors.

One can visit their website to know more about them, to crowdfund various ideas and projects or to buy their token.

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