Ideal Data Memory is a platform that was created as a way to provide means for the secure storage and exchange of data. IDM uses a technology that is called SIZE. It enables the company to have post-quantum cryptography, which is just as complex as it sounds.

The Ideal Data Memory (IDM) SIZE Technology

SIZE is a unique technology created by this company that is supposed to be 147 times stronger than the AES 256 for encryption. The company states that SIZE has safety, security, scalability and data governance, which is the bare minimum that the clients expect in today’s crypto market.

The company states that the creation of the product is because information is leaking considerably more recently. Hackers have been accessing almost 8 times more data than they did a year ago and many companies are looking for solutions to this problem. IDM believes that its technology can stop that from happening.

SIZE works like this: as soon as you upload the data on the company’s platform, it is highly encrypted and divided. This information is stored in many separate blocks. This process is completely automated by the blockchain, so nobody really knows there are the pieces of the information that you uploaded.

At any time that you want, you can use the platform to withdraw the data. Your own keys that will be generated via smart contracts and only you will have access to will be able to find the data, assemble it and use it.

The SIZE technology has already been developed and patented, the company is only looking for funds to create its own platform now.

You can also be a miner and mine IDM tokens. This way, you help the network and are also able to get money for yourself. The company states that mining will be a very profitable activity on this platform.

Who Should Be Interested In Ideal Data Memory (IDM)?

The company is targeting people and company with concerns of how to store data, so it is clear to us that the main buyers of this product will be companies and public institutions that have a major need for services of this kind.

While banks, hospitals and governmental agencies are the most likely candidates for this company, private investors will also be able to use its services. This is something new because they generally would not have access to this level of encryption technology normally, so this is something that you should bear in mind.

The Ideal Data Memory (IDM) Team

The team behind IDM is, obviously, very talented and experienced. With the kind of technology that this company is promising, you simply need to have a stellar team or you would not even be able to create your product in the first place and SIZE actually looks very good.

The two inventors of the algorithm are Iskender Syrgabekov and Erkin Zadauly. Both are European programmers that have worked with encryption for a long time. Other team members include Howard Sands, Victoria Russel, Tony Dremlyuga, Daan Elffers, Gurraman Gill, John Radcliff, Paul Goldner and Shingai Samudzi.

The Ideal Data Memory (IDM) Token Sale

The company is selling IDM tokens to finance the development of the platform, as SIZE is complete. This tokens will work as utility tokens and they will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. To use the platform, you must have them, which will ensure the liquidity of the asset.

60% of the total tokens will be sold during the sale. 20% will stay on the reserve fund and 13% will go to the team, while 5% will be on the developer’s hands. Finally, 2% will be used on bounties to pay people who help the company.

At the moment we lack information about the exact price of the tokens and when the ICO will actually happen. We’ll update it as soon as we can.

The Ideal Data Memory (IDM) Verdict

If the SIZE software is as good as the company claims, then this company will be successful. It’s actually simple. The software sounds amazing and easy to sell, so there is not much to go wrong here, except in the case that it is not as good as IDM claims.

Our verdict is that you should consider participating in IDM’s sale as soon as you get more information about it.

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