IDEX Gems How to Spot Hidden Crypto Exchange Tokens Prime For a Price Run

Today, the crypto world comprises of many projects that claim investors will make big gains. Despite all the promises made, there are only a small percent of them that have a lot of potential, which crypto fanatics refer to as the “IDEX gems” or “IDEX Hidden Gems”.

As obvious as this may seem, IDEX gems are cryptocurrencies that are traded on the IDEX, the sole Ethereum decentralized exchange to exist. According to many investors, several projects that have been listed on IDEX are strong and useful. Unfortunately, not every investor has been capable of making note of this as, as many continue to miss out on the opportunities that hold. Since IDEX only houses ERC20 tokens, majority of the projects get listed on its exchange first.

Based on a post published by Nulltx, it doesn’t get as decentralized as IDEX, suggesting that centralized alternatives do exist. In addition, the efficiency – whether it implies purchasing or making trades – behind IDEX is another facet that makes it potent. In particular, crypto users do not have to constantly transfer their Ether tokens (ETH). Furthermore, many hardware wallets are compatible with IDEX, which promotes ease of use.

IDEX currently has over 400 pairs listed, and many believe that crypto investors trading through its decentralized exchange platform are more likely to expand their gains before a larger population is exposed to them. It has also been suggested that every time Binance makes the same moves as IDEX – that is, listing a token that IDEX has already listed – the chances of seeing profits is much high.

This might lead to the question: How to pinpoint IDEX gems hidden within big crowds of cryptocurrencies? Some tips have been made available, which suggest further investigation into factors like:

  • The percent of market cap a token/coin exemplifies compared to the total market cap
  • The token’s current value, and whether it is traded at higher/lower than ICO prices
  • The project in place – whether it is strong enough to make it to one of the top 30 crypto exchanges to date

Based on the gathered information of the three areas mentioned above, crypto investors will become better at spotting an IDEX gem.

What other areas do you think can help crypto investors pinpoint hidden IDEX gems?

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