IDGO has always striven to reinforce self-governance, as well as promote sustainable development for the more than three hundred and seventy million indigenous people living across the globe. Social issues, environmental problems, and poverty are widespread among the indigenous people.

Often, you will find that their lands tend to be hidden gems, which many people wish to visit. But as is the case in many places around the world, the revenue generated from tourism activities is often taken away from them, leaving them desperate, and in poor financial situations.

The Problem INGO Seeks To Solve

The IDGO project, therefore, aims to come up with a blockchain ecosystem that will be owned by them. The indigenous communities will be able to use this platform to maintain their freedom as well as rights. In order to make this a possibility, IDGO will be providing tools that can be used to build digital identities.

The tools can also be used to create social finance services, as well as exclusive community tokens. By handing over control to the community, IDGO will be ensuring that all the revenue that is collected from tourism activities will not be taken away, but that it will remain with the community.

The community can, therefore, use these resources to protect their environments, build education facilities, as well as guarantee the continuity of their cultures. Participants in this particular project will enjoy benefits that will come to them naturally, and which will be guaranteed thanks to the security and transparency of the blockchain project.

IDGO Digital Identities

IDGO intends to create two main types of digital identities. There will be a tourist passport and an indigenous ID card. Each digital identity card created will be accompanied by a unique identification number that will then be permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

All indigenous cards will undergo certification by the indigenous communities. This is being done as a way of strengthening their ethnic identity as well as autonomy. As for the general population, they are welcome to apply for tourist passports. This can be used to purchase indigenous merchandise at special discounted rates.

These passports will also help the communities involved to better protect their merchandise. In addition, the revenue that is collected from the sale of these merchandises will go towards assisting in cultural continuity, education, and protection of the environment.

How Will IDGO Blockchain Tourism Community Project Work?

IDGO will collect ETH by issuing the KINWA token. All the ETH that will be collected from this issue will be used in developing as well as implementing the cultural mining, digital passports, social finance, smart wallets, and community currencies.

IDGO has a vision of forming a community based economic ecosystem. This is an ecosystem that can benefit all the individuals who have the KINWA token in their wallets. By doing this, the IDGO ecosystem will also continue to grow.

IDGO KINWA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Code: KINWA
  • Total Tokens: 980,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 90,000
  • ETH Soft Cap: 22,000 ETH
  • Pre-sale Dates: Jul. 16-Aug. 20 2018
  • Pre-sale Price1 ETH = 7,200 KINWA (min contribution: 1 ETH)
  • ICO Dates: Aug. 21-Sep. 21, 2018I
  • CO Price1 ETH = 6,000 KINWA (min contribution: 0.1 ETH)

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