ID Money is a blockchain-based project that seeks to promote human development, crypto governance, and socio-economic impacts. ID money introduces a new trend of social and public crypto while empowering people and protecting their data and virtual personality rights.

In efforts to attain its objective, the project will select three local governments, which are advanced and well organized to participate in the project. Once the project is complete, the ownership of the software development company, ID Money S.A will be transferred to the participating countries. Through this initiative, the project will identify how local governments can regulate, integrate, and interact with the cryptocurrency community.

ID Money will provide four products within its ecosystem in order to execute its visions.

ID Money Game App

The game app will allow users to interact with the crypto world via various games that will be offered within the app. The games include Lambo, Nerd Academy, and Mission Possible. The games will encourage participation within the project, as users will earn IDM tokens depending on how often they play the games.

ID Money Token (IDM)

The IDM tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens will be issued during Initial Coin Offering and the funds collected will be used to further develop and grow the project. Investors can purchase the tokens using ETH on the ID Money platform.

A percentage of the tokens will be allocated to finance the ID Money Poverty Relief Program. The program involves the local governments selecting deserving citizens who will receive the tokens to improve their livelihoods and economic status.

Crypto Educational Tool: Cryptoland TV

Through this tool, users will be informed and educated on IDMONEY software tools. It will achieve this through the crypto world it operates within through storytelling using a manga comic series.

IDMoney Software Money Making Wallet

The Money Making Wallet will establish a self-sovereign identity on the network that will allow users to have a virtual personality. This will in turn empower users to manage and control their personal information and decide who can access the information and how the information can be used.

Users can earn IDM tokens by exchanging personal data with interested parties registered on the money making wallet such as financial institutions or marketing firms. The wallet will also functions as a multicurrency crypto data wallet and a personal data assistant.

BENEFITS of ID money

Social benefits

According to the platform, 20% of the tokens generated by ID money are donated to three selected municipalities to try to deal with poverty. As the token value increases, the cash impact also increases for the individuals and the government. The socioeconomic impact of the project will also increase as the sense of ownership, innovation in governance, and reliability grows within the governments.

Public benefits

The partnership between ID Money and deserving local governments will be a learning opportunity for other governments and the crypto community on how to integrate crypto legislation with economic activities.

Global benefits

Users can generate an income from the Money Making Wallet by sharing personal information. It will also decentralize the virtual identity information industry, currently controlled by tech giants and data brokers

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