If You Had Bought Crypto

With how big currencies like Bitcoin have become in the past year, there are many people who now claim they had the chance to invest in BTC before it became so big. In fact, in a recent statistical study it was shown that 78% of all New Yorkers claim that they either had a direct chance, or knew someone who had the option to invest big in cryptocurrencies all the way back in 2011. Thus, to capitalize on the funnier side of things, a developer duo has recently come up with a fun idea which makes use of a calculator, that determines the amount of money we would have had, if we had bought a certain amount of BTC back in the day.

What Is If You Had Bought Crypto?

To start off with, the website shows how much money we could have earned, if we had for example bought an X amount of BTC in 2010. Using the latest conversion rates, this website allows us to determine how much money we would could have been sitting on today. Other than that, it also presents us with interesting statistics like:

  • What you could have Bought: it presents us with a list of things we could have purchased if we would have bought a certain amount of BTC. Just for fun, we ended up entering 20 BTC and found that it could have bought us 28,546 pair of Air Jordan sneakers.
  • You Would have Earned More Than: this is another interesting feature that puts us head to head against some of the biggest celebs and entrepreneurs on the planet. For a laugh we tried our hands with 323 BTC, and found that our average earnings would have exceeded those of Sir Paul McCartney.
  • You Would Be Richer Than: as the name clearly states, this feature lets us know which person we would have crossed on the world wealth list. We tried our hands with 667 BTC and found that our net worth would have exceeded that of Usher, whose net worth today is listed as $150M.
  • You Could Own: it lets us know what valuable assets we could have purchased for a certain amount of BTC. We inputted 10,000 Bitcoin and were told that with that kind of money, we could have bought a 5.52% stake in PayPal.

If You Had Bought Crypto Conclusion

This website is harmless fun, and is a quick way to get a laugh. It can also serve as the perfect party trick, allowing us to show off in front of our friends. The service is absolutely free to use, and the developers (Adam Mustill and Andrew Jordan) have even asked people to drop in a hi, if they like the website.

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