IIoT I2 ICO Review

Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT, aims to provide global IoT connectivity worldwide. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

The Industrial Internet of Things describes itself as an “industrial internet of things telecom on the blockchain.” The goal is to create a global network of IoT devices – including everything from smart parking meters to smart trash cans.

The IIOT ICO is underway from February to May, 2018.

How Does the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT I2 Work?

The Industrial Internet of Things is a network of worldwide smart devices. It aims to provide various industrial IoT services to the global community. Those services include all of the following:

Smart Parking:

Book a free parking space through the mobile app.

Smart Trash Cans:

Urban service organizations can check Google Maps for overflowing trash cans.

Smart Lighting:

Industrial Internet of Things can utilize smart lighting systems that turn on depending on weather conditions or as directed by an operator.

Smart Crop Irrigation:

Farmers can see dry soil plots on Google Maps, then water only those plots.

Smart Livestock Population Management:

Farmers can check to see if their livestock are ready to reproduce.

Smart Storage of Crops:

Farmers can check the rot of a crop on their warehouse map, then sell crops that are near their expiration date.

Smart House Management:

“The management house company can instantly collect indication of electricity, gas and water meters”, explains the official IIOT website. The platform can provide things like instant gas consumption accounting and instant electricity metering, for example.

Industrial Internet of Things Benefits

Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT, is advertising all of the following benefits:

Simple Services:

Industrial Internet of Things is advertising a plug and play system that requires no technical experience to use. Just buy the kit for various systems, install it, then get ready to enjoy IoT-related benefits.

Limitless Market:

The IoT marketplace is expected to reach 85 billion global devices by the end of 2025. The growth potential is described as “limitless”.

I2 Crypto Coins:

Industrial Internet of Things (the company) will receive payments in I2 Coins. As the number of IoT devices is expected to rise, the demand for I2 crypto coins is expected to grow.

Lifelong Payments:

Industrial Internet of Things will pay lifelong compensation to any person using I2 digital tokens. This remuneration consists of 5% of monthly customer payments. In other words, 5% of incoming revenue from customers is shared with I2 token holders.

Additional Profits:

“Buy exclusive franchise of our company on the region/city and directly affect to the revenue,” explains the official website. It seems that customers can purchase a share of the smart utility company to enjoy a higher share of profits.

Open Platform:

The platform is highly scalable, open, and ready to partner with industry partners.

LoRaWaN Technology:

Industrial Internet of Things uses LoRaWaN technology, which involves using smart sensors to track various aspects of the internet. It’s cheaper than 3G, 4G, and prospective 5G networks.

Low Costs and High Speeds of Network Deployment:

Industrial Internet of Things aims to help telecom companies reduce costs.

In-House Hardware Development:

Industrial Internet of Things will manufacture its own base station and LoRaWaN sensors, allowing them to control the quality and provide minimum prices.

The Industrial Internet of Things IIoT I2 ICO

The Industrial Internet of Things ICO will sell I2 tokens. 87.40% of the total supply of tokens (437 million tokens) will be sold during the ICO. The remaining tokens will be given to the company’s founders (10% or 50 million tokens), reserved for the pre-ICO (10 million or 2%), or spent on ICO promotions (3 million or 0.60%).

During the ICO, each I2 token is set at a price of $0.10 USD.

The token sale is scheduled to begin with a pre-sale from February 19 to March 19, 2018, followed by a main token sale from March 19 to May 19, 2018

Who’s Behind Industrial Internet of Things IIoT I2?

Industrial Internet of Things is led by a Ljubljana, Slovenia-based team of entrepreneurs. Key members of the team include co-founders Ivan Petek (CEO) and Franc Novak (CTO).

Petek has 20+ years of experience implementing IoT projects for enterprise clients, including 10 years of industrial IoT experience and 18 years of software/hardware development experience. Novak, meanwhile, is the former CTO of Academa and has implemented 50+ IT and IoT projects.

IIoT I2 ICO Conclusion

Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT, combines IoT devices (aka smart devices) with blockchain technology, allowing businesses to access new sources of revenue by selling smart sensor data.

IIOT, which is in development by a Slovenia-based team, is particularly focused on the telecommunications space, including how to make telecommunications technology more efficient using IoT.

To learn more about IIOT and the project’s ongoing development, visit online today at IIOT.tel.

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