What Is iLink2Music?

iLink2Music is a music and entertainment social media platform that is powered by the blockchain. It unites artists, executive, and music lovers. No matter his or her race, age, experience, or belief, everyone will be able to meet on this platform.

On the platform, users will have access to music entertainment content, prizes, contests, services, and products. The developers have pledged to air exclusive a global concert for charity. They will also feature co-created content that is designed to facilitate and revolutionize online management.

The Music Industry

In the music industry, it is clear that people globally are trying everything they can to be discovered or find the next big talent. The music sector is a driver of various entertainment segments globally. The media and entertainment markets generate about $2.1 trillion annually, all of which is driven by music.

The iLink2Music Mission And Vision

The company wants to offer a people-driven platform. In this ecosystem, the concept of the producer will cease to exist. Anyone will be able to broadcast to as many people as they can anywhere on earth.

The company believes that change is coming to the music world. However, they also know that no one person can bring this change. Thus, they have created this ecosystem for the world to find the solutions that are needed.

iLink2Music User Interface Is Awesome

The iLink2Music platform is a horizontal-adaptable business model that is based on co-creation, multi-sensory branding, product placement, and the user experience. It has been created to adapt and embrace the disruptive technologies that are changing the world such as blockchain.

This platform will leverage and facilitate change in the global end users mobile content ecosystem. On the platform, end users will be able to act as the lead designers, co-creators, and the tastemakers of brands.

Via the social media platform, they will be able to involve the consumers in exciting and fun ways. Besides that, they will work on finding ways to collect quality data from the web. From the research, they will be able to herald the Web 3.0.

iLink2Music Blockchain Social Media Music Entertainment Design Goals


Via a combination of various digital receipts and public bulletins, verification data will be published so that voter can check whether their vote counted. Users can tell whether votes have been modified or were lost. With the help of the blockchain, this verifiability will be quite easy to enforce.


For any content system, security matters. It represents the integrity of the vote and the confidentiality of the voters. Allegations of hacking in the US Presidential election have persisted, and there is no sure way of telling whether they did. On this platform, security is assured by the blockchain.


With celebs contesting online, there is a need for transparency. With the blockchain, it is easy to view the entire process with no possibility for interference.

iLink2Music ELINK Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: ELINK
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ELINKS
  • Price: 1ELINK = $0,005
  • Minimum: 50$ USD
  • Maximum: 50 000$ USD
  • Accepted: BTC, XRP, DASH, ETC, NEO, QTUM, TRX, ZEC, PayPal, ETH, LTC, BCH
  • Soft Cap: $3,500,000
  • Hard Cap: $21,000,000
  • Date: TBA

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