Illuminati X

The mention of Illuminati often draws up a lot of conspiracy theories and attention. Similarly, a blockchain venture going by the same name borrows the same concept, and it will draw your attention. It's goal of going beyond the typical notion of cryptocurrency use to provide alternative and more humanistic use of the technology.

Illuminati X Project prides itself as the blockchain venture for atheists, humanists, and freethinkers looking to make a difference collectively within the community. The blockchain platform use of blockchain technology is in line with its goal to achieve freedom from the big corporations and entities in the different sectors of the economy.

What Illuminati X Wants To Provide

As the first blockchain-based humanist community, Illuminati X will incorporate the use of cryptocurrency and foundation services to achieve the goal of decentralization across the economy.

As part of their financial freedom goals, IlumX provides for a credit system that works by pooling together of members funds and lending it out appropriately to other members. The fund will comprise of two models:

Special Intervention Fund-

Users will get loans up to 50,000% for business or medical use by submitting an application which will receive eligibility from the community through voting

IlumX Cancer Research Funds-

IlumX will dedicate part of their community pool funds to the promotion of open research and alternative treatments for cancer. Researchers will use the funds to promote their findings and make advancements

Illuminati X Decentralized Credit Union Project Benefits

Illuminati X project prides itself as a community looking to improve the user's freedom whether financial or socially. The platform's potential funds development plan has the following benefits:

  • No interests- IlumX users get to borrow loans at virtually no interests or pressure on the payment time. However, first-time applicants have a payback period of 2 months to qualify
  • Convenience- with a mobile application, IlumX provide the members with easy access to the platform, funds and other members to socialize within the Illuminati X ecosystem
  • Decentralization- with the goal of freedom in mind, IlumX works under a community-based model that gives the members power over the funds and operations of the platform
  • Financial counsel provided by IlumX is a sound move to enable a commercial stable member community
  • Faster credit request processing through blockchain allows for more accessible settlements of the loans regardless of the amount


Illuminati X IlumX Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO- 1 Ether= 140,000 IlumX
  • ICO– 1 Ether= 70,000 IlumX from 10 May, 2018 till 30 June, 2018

Token Details

  • Symbol- IlumX
  • Model- ERC20
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Price rate- 1 ETH=140,000 IlumX
  • Total supply- 940 million
  • Distribution- 402 million IlumX (350 million-sale, 40 million-board, 12 million-airdrops)
  • Reserve- 538 million

ICO Allocation

  • App Development and Website Upgrade-60%
  • Media and PR-20%
  • IlumX Cancer Research Funds-20%

Illuminati X Conclusion

IlumX is providing an alternative source of funds for enterprises or individuals looking to satisfy needs. While the concept with its credit solution remains unique, the project overall lacks the necessary information on many aspects. From the founders to how members can gain for investing is still shallow and this remains a point of concern for the whole project. Consequently, this means there isn't much potential for the project to truly live to its promises let alone achieve success in its ICO.

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