At the moment there are over 1 trillion licensed images on the internet today. And that’s a big problem. How is it possible to determine copyright content and who should receive licensing fees if an image is used? That’s quite an issue.

Indeed, most content theft probably happens because it is just too difficult and inconvenient to do it in any other way. Moreover, most copyright cases are expensive and can take several years to resolve in the courts.

At the same time, the stock photo industry is controlled by just some few companies, and they keep up to 85% fees when images get properly licensed. This is not a great option that photographers have to monetize their images. ImageProtect is the solution to these problems.

What Is ImageProject?

Founded in 2014, ImageProtect is the fastest growing community of visual artists focused on copyright protection and photo licensing. Using blockchain, the intention is to build a global decentralized copyright registry for digital content, that authenticates users and links intellectual property. This would make the management of digital content universally accessible.

How ImageProject IPShare & IPMarket Blockchain Works?

ImageProtect works by offering a highly automated end-to-end solution that is comprised of copyright registration, global image monitoring and licensing, analytics and IP share advertising. That makes images impossible to steal.

The business model is totally different from the competition. The ad revenue is generated through an embeddable image format comprised of in-image advertising, hot links and social sharing.

Using a special technology, ImageProtect replaces the infringers photo with a better version in a new image format. This permits the image to become viral so it can be shared and not stolen. Once the image is embedded, the interactive online image format tracks engagement, directs traffic, and creates in-image advertising, and contextual messaging.

Now, the company is presenting ImageProtect cryptocurrency, which receives a portion of both infringement and recurring online ad revenue from impressions, click-through traffic, and shares. This allows coin owners to earn revenue for the years to come.

ImageProject Features

The company offers different Key Services:

  • IPTrack Global Internet Image Monitoring
  • Automated Standard DMCA Takedown Service
  • IPShare Image Replacement Technology
  • Post Usage Licensing
  • Simplified Copyright Registration with the US Copyright Office

The system works in a very easy way. You just need to upload the work directly to the portal or connect to your image hosting services. Then, images are converted to the embeddable ad format for uses outside of the commercial space. That would allow the image to be trackable across the internet.

It is possible to scan webs to discover whether your images have been stolen. Even if they have been modified ImageProtect is able to detect it. With a special software, ImageProtect categorizes and filters each search result. In this way, you can review the sightings and determine if a uses is unauthorized. If you think so, then ImageProtect team will seek a settlement on your behalf.

ImageProject IMAGE Token ICO Details

ImageProtect will be issuing an ERC-20 token known as IMAGE. There will be issued no more than 350,000,000 IMAGE and there will be 203,250,000 IMAGE available for sale in the ICO. The price of each IMAGE will be $.10 USD.

IMAGE tokens receive 10% of revenue generated from infringement settlements, smart-licensing and recurring online ad revenue from impressions, click-through traffic and shares. With this method, token owners will earn revenue for years to come.

The token distribution will be as follows:

  • Presale 25.2%
  • Marketing 9.7%
  • Future Development 9.7%
  • Bounty 2.9%
  • Corporate Team 9.7%
  • Advisors 2.6%
  • Public Sale 40.3%

The company will use the funds in the following way:

  • ICO Set Up 3%
  • Marketing/Promotion/Licensing 12%
  • Acquisitions 25%
  • Working Capital and Operational Costs 20%
  • Product Development 40%

The Pre Sale started on April the 30th and will en on July the 31st. The tokens available for the pre sale are 78,250,000 and there is a possibility to get up to 30% discount.

Who Is Behind ImageProject?

The company has an important team of experts from different fields and industries.

Lawrence Adams is the Chief Executive Officer of ImageProtect. He has been working at ImageProtect since 2015 and as a partner of Seaside Advisors llc.

Red Gesteland is the Chief Technology Officer. He has been working in the past at Mitsubishi Motors, Lante Corporation, and owns a company named Computer Architects International.

Shauna Banks is the Chief Operating Officer and Founder. Other founders are Jonathan Thomas and Matthew Goldman. The Chief Financial officer is Frederick Stinmann.

At the same time, ImageProtect has four advisors, Ben Arnon, Vinicius Teranova, Bryan Lemster, and Eyo Ekpo.

ImageProject Conclusion

With an experienced team of experts, ImageProtect wants to end with unauthorized image use, decentralize the content marketplace, provide creators with control over their images, and unify the visual digital content registry.

Using blockchain technology, ImageProtect will be challenging these problems and find a profitable solution for investors and content owners.

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