Immortal Business Assets

What Is Immortal Business Assets?

Immortal Business Assets or Ibaico is made up of a team of professionals who have constructed more than 500 buildings in different countries including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, and Sweden. The buildings are affordable and energy efficient.

The team has more than 20 years’ experience in real estate business. They possess the knowledge, network, experience, and the tools needed to come up with a portfolio of high yielding properties that have high potential to appreciate. The goal of Ibaico is to give real estate investors a chance to invest and gain from the real estate market in Poland.

Immortal Business Assets Blockchain Real Estate Housing Benefits

Experienced Team

The Ibaico team is made up of professionals that have worked in real estate business for more than 20 years. They also have experience in legal, equity, and crypto trading which ensures they give the members of the Ibaico community the best service.


The use of blockchain technology allows the token transactions to be publically visible on the blockchain. All acquisitions will be announced and there will be little room for errors. Disputes are also easy to resolve due to the transparency.

Token Price Formula

As more investors buy the tokens and become part of the Ibaico community, then the value of the tokens will continually rise. Further, no other tokens will be mined apart from the initial tokens produced. As the demand for these tokens rises, the supply will be constant which will increase their value, as the supply will be limited.

Token Value Growth

In addition to the rise in the value of the tokens due to the increase in real estate assets value, 40% of the operating profits from the sale of the real estate value will be reinvested in the fund.

Early Bird Bonus

For those who participate and buy the tokens in the early stages, they will get coin bonuses.

Environmental Impact

The real estate developers will construct -grade energy efficient buildings, which will reduce the environmental impact of the buildings as the development of such houses substantially reduce CO2 emissions.

Immortal Business Assets IBA Token & ICO Details

The IBA token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain allows the investors to be part of the multi-million dollar market of commercial real estate market when they buy the IBA digital coins. Hard vetted and appreciating assets back the IBA token. The value of the currency is determined by the net assets value of the real estate.

The investors will benefit from high returns generated by the real estate investments. The network of the platform will also increase in time as more merchants come on board and accept the IBA tokens as a viable form of payment. With time, the value of the IBA tokens is bound to be more than the value of the real estate assets.

The IBA token is still in its alpha stage and no purchases are currently available. However, the team is set to enter the PRE-ICO Beta stage where the blockchain protocols will be tested. At the Pre-ICO 1 stage, the investors who buy the tokens will get 30% bonus while those who buy during the pre-ICO 2 stage will get 15% bonus.

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