Immortal Coin

Do you want to live forever? It doesn’t matter how well you invest, you will die someday and all your unspent money will probably be meaningless. That is life, though. There is no way to buy your ticket to immortality… or is there?

Our blog has the mission to help investors when they are looking for the perfect investment and what could be better than to invest in immortality? Today, we are going to review a company that offers just that, the chance to invest in research about immortality. You buy their tokens and hope that their team of scientists will find in it.

Immortality is a dream. Imagine if you could just buy it. That seems too good to be true, does it not? Is Immortal Coin even real?

What is Immortal Coin?

Immortal Coin is a start-up blockchain company whose main objective is to fund research about immortality. The company claims that biotechnology has evolved a lot in the recent years and that immortality could be among us soon but its lack of funding for research is delaying it.

The idea of the company is to get money from investors that want to fund immortality research. The investors will have the ability to vote on important decisions that will be made during the process of research. All that seems very nice, but there are two main problems: first, will this company even be able to achieve something like immortality some day? Is this company legit?

Is Immortal Coin a Scam?

Immortal Coin seems fishy. The company has many social media channels and ways to communicate with investors, but there is not much information about the research itself and no address, for example. Those are red flags that might indicate something. Unfortunately for you that was dreaming about immortality, it gets worse.

All of the advisors on the ICO page have only the link to their Wikipedia page and the founders of the company should have a link to their LinkedIn, but the link is fake. It is only text.

The “founder” of the company, Matthias Krenz, defines itself as the founder of a company called Genscript in the site. There is one problem, though, he is not. Genscript was founded in 2002. The picture of this so-called Matthias is of a young man. No teenager would have founded of the biggest companies in their area.

In fact, a Genscrip whitepaper describes that the actual founders of the company are Frank Zhang, Larry Wang and Sally Wang.

The Immortal Coin team is also fake. A search about Filip Lundeholm took us to this page. If you look the page closely, you will find their “Marketing Influencer” there, Elin Lindberg. That is fine, except that her real name is really Sanna Widel and she works as a programmer, not in marketing.

Google search for “”Immortal Labs Pty Ltd”, the official name of the company, only goes to their own ICO. Are those enough red flags for you?

The Immortal Coin Verdict

Do not invest in Immortal Coin. This company is lying to you. We are 99% sure that this company is a scam, so stay as far as you can from them and invest anywhere else.

Do you want to find some nice investment tips? You can always browse our blog to find the best investments. We cannot offer immortality, but you can certainly make a nice investment after reading our reviews.

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