The consensus is that pay per click advertising is dead. It is also obvious that online advertising has become quite expensive annoying in recent years. The annoyance that consumers of ads experience is so high that many of them have an ad blocker installed.

It is also quite expensive because ads keep rising in price. For instance, from 2008 to 2016, the average cost of conversion on Google rose from 0.93 USD to 17 USD. This represents an 1827% rise in less than a decade. For advertisers, this has led to higher marketing costs and staff expenses to remain visible. After all that, there is a chance that you will end up pissing off consumers instead of engaging them.

The Issues ImpetusOne Seeks To Solve

Two pillars power the current ad market. One of them is that consumers are important. Their needs and wants lead to consumption, which powers the economy. The other is that brands exist to fulfill the needs and wants of consumers. This is where they derive their legitimacy. The adverts are supposed to connect the consumers to the brands. However, in the current set up, the online ad market seems to be working against this.

How ImpetusOne Pay Per Mission Blockchain Ads Works

Advertising can become better if consumers get the content they want. When an ad is personal and speaks to them, it motivates them to view such ads. The Impetus.One platform will reward customers to achieve this.

The platform will introduce a new concept known as the pay-per-mission concept. This concept will run on human motivation, pairing wants with the need to have them fulfilled. On impetus.One, it will become a personalized conversation between brands and consumers via mobile targeting.

Ad campaigns on Impetus.One platform will only be debited for missions that are completed. Publishers will register the app on the platform and get a share of profits once the mission is complete.

Consumers will be recruited via their apps in advance and sign up for a free account on Impetus.One. Once the mission is complete, they will be rewarded via the Impetus coin in their e-wallet. When missions are complete, the advertiser is charged, customers get 70%, publishers get 20%, and the platform keeps 10%.

To cash rewards, consumers can download the Impetus.One app and cash out at the impetus platform for $1 for 1 Impetus. They can then change to the currency or they could make payments wherever Impetus is acceptable.

Missions are going to be domain specific. This will let the advertisers target customer actions. For instance, an event organizer will reward customers if they participate in an event. This can be verified via the location of a customer. A Sports brand will reward the users for running certain miles or when they burn certain calories. Goals and rewards defined according to the goals of consumers will lead to better CTR and Mission Fulfillment Rates (MFR).

ImpetusOne NUDGE Token ICO Details

  • Hardcap: $17,700,000
  • Total Sale: 47%
  • Total Tokens: 3,780,000,000
  • Token Symbol: NUDGE
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token Price: $ 0.01
  • Maximum Individual Cap: 10 ETH
  • Start Date: TBA
  • End Date: TBA

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