Impleum is a new platform that will become an open ecosystem for decentralized apps based on blockchain technology. The company offers a powerful and scalable path for people who want to create dapps that are secure and reliable. The platform uses an object-oriented programming language C# and already has a big developer community.

Why Impleum?

It uses proof of stake technology and mastermodes as a way to create a decentralized network that will not have all the weaknesses of centralized platforms. This way, the developers can make apps that are more decentralized and are more protected against external attacks.

Decentralized applications have an extra layer of security because of how they and they cannot be easily erased or destroyed as there is not a single core database but a great number of nodes that work together. Also, cryptographic encryption helps to protect the data better than most centralized solutions are able to.

This way, the company is able to create what could be considered to be a flexible blockchain solution that can be used for a seamless integration of the solutions offered by the blockchain with the projects.

Impleum has its own token, IMP, which can be used in all the decentralized apps created by third party companies. It is easy to deploy side chains and to scale your project. The API of the company is on Github.

The Impleum Decentralized Applications

The company already has many upcoming dapps that will be made using its blockchain technology. One of these apps is, which is a service that creates quizzes and polls and saves the results on the blockchain to create reliable results.

OldStyleRacing is another app. This one is described as a “classic time killer” that can be used on iPad and iPhone.

Impleum IMP Tokens

The IMP tokens will be sold on many of the most important exchanges in market like Bitfinex, HitBTC, Poloniex, KuCoin, Binance, Cryptopia and others. No ICO will be held to sell IMP tokens.

Impleum blockchain will be proof of stake based, but it will use proof of work on its initial distribution as well. You can stake the tokens in your wallet to create nodes that will make the network run and you can use powerful computers for mining purposes.

impleum homepage

The mining algorithm used by the company is x13. The block reward will be linearly reduced over time from 48 IMP tokens per block to 0.48 IMP over time, meaning that it will be more profitable to mine the tokens and keep them sooner rather than later.

If you have a lot of IMP tokens, you can create your own masternode. The masternodes will offer more generous rewards than normal staking but they will also be harder to create, so if you have enough tokens you will be able to run a node and get a generous passive income.

Finally, you will also receive a yearly stake rate by only holding the tokens. This adds value to IMP tokens because it means that they will reward you for holding them instead of spending them. To stake, you have to set up your wallet in staking mode.

Wallets can be used for multiple systems like Windows, Linux and Mac.

The Impleum Team

The team is formed by many entrepreneurs and developers who reunited to make the project happen. The core contributors are Yurii Bulakh (blockchain C++ developer), Anton Yaroshenko (blockchain C# developer), Pavel Kurianov (blockchain C# developer) and Vladimir Kalmyk (Unix and Linux IT architect).

The main advisors that will work on the company are Eddie Wang (business strategy advisor), Vitaliy Yakishev (cybersecurity advisor), Michael Lane Thomas (technical advisor) and Oleg Mishchenko (product owner strategy).

Impleum Conclusion

Impleum has the potential to become an interesting platform for the development of decentralized applications. There are many of these platforms on the market, it’s true, so this means that this company will definitely have to prove that it offers something interesting in order to get and to maintain its place in the market.

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