INBlockchain, short for In Blockchain We Trust, is a team of blockchain professionals, seasoned investment experts, and developers coming together to help individuals and organizations run successful blockchain projects with explosive growth with minimal technical know-how.

INBlockhain’s rich portfolio stretches back to 2013 when it first invested in Bitcoin and BitShares. Since then, under its belt are steemit, sia, Z-Cash, GXZ, Ethereum smart contract projects, and countless coins launched in 2017 and 2018.

Whether you are a blockchain or cryptocurrency investor, or just an enthusiasts looking to discover the many mysterious ways that money can be made from this new technology, INBlockchain is structured to be most useful to you.

INBlockchain Ecosystem

INBlockchain provides four major products to individual and organization cryptocurrency and blockchain investors. They include:

INB Capital: With INBlockchain Capital, investors get the opportunity to work with one of the largest and most influential investment groups currently dominating the Chinese blockchain space. The company is publicly known to be one of the largest global owners of Bitcoin and recognized as among the earliest investors in practical blockchain applications.

INB Studio: The internal products and innovations that INBlockchain has tested and tried over the years have given birth to exceptional consumer products. Some of the products of the internal product studio are Yunbi, a global crypto-exchange and a high-volume crowdfunding platform; and exciting infrastructure projects such as and Mixin.

BigONE: After the success of INBlockchain Studio’ Yunbi, BigONE was built to be its successor, and it has grown to become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. The platform features next-generation secure backend tools that guarantees the user will never lose their funds.

INB Consulting: INBlockchain leverages its extensive network and the team’s extensive experience in all aspects of blockchain to help individuals and organizations with all levels of knowledge in Blockchain to understand how blockchain can work for them. From startups and community projects to publicly traded companies and corporations, INBlockchain has the knowledge and tools to structure any client’s blockchain platform.

INBlockchain Summary

Based on the information on their homepage, INBlockchain is a group of true believers who have managed to create some amazing blockchain products and have a dedication to helping others attain a similar status. The company’s portfolio is extensive, and they certainly have been in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry long enough to give valuable investment information.

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