Incent Loyalty

Some time during your life, you have probably participated in a loyalty program, right? There is no doubt that most of us have used some system that gave you points or something like this that was created to keep more interested in a certain product.

The blockchain technology and the advent of the cryptocurrencies have improved how loyalty rewards work, though, and the company that we will review today, Incent Loyal, intends to be a part of the revolution.

What Is Incent Loyalty?

Incent Loyalty is a loyalty program that can be used in a cross-platform manner. Instead of rewarding you with meaningless points that can only be used on a certain platform and have expiration dates, the company is interested in providing real cryptocurrency as a reward for you using its services.

By using Incent Loyalty, your company can create a great loyalty program without having to develop your own currency. You just need to use a third party one and all of your problems will be solved quickly.

This will enable your company to stand out among the crowd because you will have means to differentiate your business from the other clients that are offering similar services. Will they be able to offer the same rewards? An incentive program like Incent Loyalty can attract new customers and increase your revenues tenfold.

If you are an user, you will be able to use more than a single site and have access to a vast range of options for you to get INCNT tokens. These will be true rewards with true value instead of fake ones that were so common until recently.

Incent Loyalty INCNT Token ICO Details

There will be no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the tokens of this company. If you are a company, you can acquire them via purchases on the online marketplace of the company. The tokens never expire and you can use them on your company for rewards. If you intend to buy a lot of them, you can visit the company and ask for discounts.

If you are a user, your best course of action would be to participate in loyalty program of companies that use this system. The current partners of Incent Loyalty will be listed in the next topic. You can also download the toolbar of the company to get tokens as you browse or you can choose to buy them at exchanges whenever they choose to sell these tokens.

The Incent Loyalty Team And Partners

The team of this company is made up of about a dozen professionals of the blockchain and ecommerce industry that have years of experience. The CEO of the company is Rob Wilson.

Some of the company that already have partnerships with Incent Loyalty are Bronze Co, Yard Games, Nourished Life, One Honey Boutique, Cover More Travel Insurance, ON Sport, Yellow Octopus and Living Styles.

Incent Loyalty Decentralized Reward Program Verdict

This company has a chance of having a decent degree of success in the market but its service could be considered far from revolutionary, only very useful. We would advise business to buy tokens if they want to use the service, but investors have better deals to be found on our blog.

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