Incremint MNTS ICO Review

While ICO’s may have become the preferred way of raising money for startup owners these days, there still lies a serious issue of “regulation” that exists in relation to them. What this means is that, many issuers create a website and a crowdsale campaign without having the final product ready.

As a result of this, Token buyers have pretty much no ability to assess the value of the product at hand, and have to trust the developers to create the envisioned product after the money has been successfully raised.

In addition to this, contributors more often than not, have “little to no say” in the governance of the project after the conclusion of the ICO. Thus, investors have to accept any risks that are associated with the final product.

About the Incremint Service

Incremint is an all new “crypto platform” that aims to mitigate the risks that are currently inherent within all ICO offerings today. It makes use of the blockchain, as well as of a completely decentralized structure, thereby providing customers with complete transparency in terms of all internal dealings within the system.

Since Incremint acts as an escrow solution, it is able to provide key benefits to both issuers and backers. At this point, it should also be mentioned that this platform will be making use of a native currency called “Mint tokens”.

These coins will be an integral component of Incremint, and will be used to carry out all of the transactions that take place within the platform.

Why Choose This Incremint MNTS?

(i) Unique Operational Model:

While existing “multiple signature” escrow mechanisms have been found to primarily rely on the “discretion and performance of a single person”, individual biases have the potential to seep into such cases.

Not only that, conventional escrow mechanisms are also laden with various problems, and thus to eliminate such challenges, Incremint aims to serve as a ”hybrid escrow product” that works towards combining the reliability of traditional escrow mechanisms with the automation enhancements of “smart-contract voting and decentralized blockchain technology”.

(ii) Functionally Advanced:

When looked at from a technical aspect, we can see that Incremint enables users to chalk out personalised “parameters” and even escrow a certain amount of the funds that have been raised via the ICO for specific purposes.

(iii) No Intermediaries:

Incremint does not serve as a “middleman”, instead it provides users with a platform that is “backer-driven” and is completely self-governing.

(iv) Investor Security:

To help protect investments, Incremint allows for only a “pre-agreed dollar amount or percentage of ICO proceeds” to be sent over to the issuer after the commencement of an ICO. The rest of the funds are escrowed through a combination of crypto as well as conventional fiat currencies.

(v) Additional Safety Mechanisms:

To further protect investor money, token holders will be given the ability to vote in order to “confirm whether milestones have been achieved” by project developers. If the milestones have been met, the funds will be released to the issuer immediately, but in case the milestones have not been met, escrowed funds can be “returned to token holders following requisite voting procedures”.

Other Key Features

(i) Digital Wallet:

All platform users will be given access to encrypted e-wallets that will be used for holding cryptocurrencies in escrow.

(ii) Banking Accounts:

The company has liked up with prestigious financial institutions to provide all of their customers with secure bank accounts to hold their fiat currencies in escrow.

(iii) Voting Model:

As mentioned previously, Incremint will make use of a democratic voting structure at each step of the ICO, so as to protect customer investments.

(iv) Seamless Help:

In order to provide the maximum level of assistance to all platform users, Increment will be allocating a dedicated account representative to each customer.

(v) Risk Aversion:

Through the use of certain “currency volatility insurance” mechanisms, Incremint is able to avert any major risks that the system might be faced with.

(vi) Real-Time Status Updates:

Fund disbursement statuses are shared instantly with a both the issuer, as well as the token holders.

Incremint MNTS ICO Token Details

As mentioned earlier, native Mint tokens will be used to govern all of the transactions that take place within the Incremint system. The sale will take place via the use of two separate rounds:

(i) Pre ICO:

This phase is scheduled to start on the 5th of February, and go on till the 5th of March. There will be a bonus of 80% and 100% applicable on all purchases (depending upon which round the purchase is made). During the first round, 1ETH= 1800 tokens; second round 1ETH= 1600 tokens.

(ii) ICO:

This phase will run from the 5th of March until the the 15th of April. There will be three distinct sale rounds during this period, during whom investors will be able to reap bonuses ranging from 20%-40%.

Use of Funds

As per the official company whitepaper:

  • Upto 10% of all of the raised funds will be set aside in a treasury, and used as a reserve for legal, PR and lobbying expenses
  • Another 10% will be used for the initial financing of the project.
  • 10% will be set aside for use by the core company members.
  • 10% will be reserved for advisors, as well as for the creation of strategic partnerships.
  • The rest of the funds will be used for investments into relevant domains such as security, legal expenses, technical and marketing costs.

Who is Behind Incremint MNTS?

Brian Konradi s the CEO and co-Founder of this venture. As per his professional LinkedIn profile, he is an international corporate lawyer, and has been in this domain for nearly 18 years. He has experience in jurisdictions pertaining to the US, Europe and several offshore sites. In terms of his previous work experience, Brian has been a part of ventures such as:

  • Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP (Associate)
  • Bass Berry & Sims PLC (Legal Advisor)
  • DLA Piper (Partner)

Similarly, Andrei Danilov is the company’s Chief Strategy Officer and co-Founder. He too is an accomplished lawyer, and has had a successful international practice which saw him work with established US and UK based law firms such as Allen & Overy, Latham & Watkins, and Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, and KPMG.

Lastly, Peter Khokholov is the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Peter has been in the legal domain for over two decades, and holds a specialization in M&A, commercial transactions, and ICO legal advice. In terms of his past work experience, he has worked at Hogan Lovells and KPMG.

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