Deciding on the right investment strategy to use in the cryptocurrency market can be a difficult task. There are many different ways to generate income or profit in the world of cryptocurrency, ranging from investing in ICOs or exploiting arbitrage opportunities between altcoins to simply purchasing and holding valuable cryptocurrencies.

While these strategies may deliver a strong return on investment, they are typically high-risk, and require a significant amount of time and attention. A new type of cryptocurrency investment strategy has recently become popular for the guaranteed returns and simplicity it offers.

High yield investment programs offer cryptocurrency holders the opportunity to deposit funds into a managed investment account with an expert team of cryptocurrency traders. This capital is then used to fund aggressive ventures into the cryptocurrency market, generating daily ROI without significant stress.

While they may offer guaranteed returns, high yield investment programs– or HYIPs- still come with their own risks. Some of the less reputable HYIPs on the market today are known to collapse at later stages of their operation, so it’s best to get in early and get out fast with high yield investment programs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at, which is a new HYIP. We’ll have a look at the platform and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s the right investment opportunity for you.

What Is is a new high yield investment program that provides a range of different investment plans. Users of the platform are able to deposit cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin and access daily returns on their investment that accrue in their account.

The platform is a UK-registered company that provides their company registration number on the site, which is a good sign in the world of crypto HYIPs. Importantly, the also offers 24/7 staffed support and and is managed by a team of professional cryptocurrency experts. Investment Plans offers three different investment plans:

  • A Bitcoin plan, which offers 4.8% return on investment on a daily basis, with a maximum investment of $500 USD
  • A Litecoin plan, which offers daily returns of 7.2%, with a maximum investment of $1,000 USD
  • An Ethereum plan, which delivers a 9.6% daily return with a maximum investment of $50,000 USD Conclusion

The platform is a good example of a more reputable and reliable HYIP, and appears to be fully legally compliant. If you’re considering getting into HYIP investment, is worth considering.

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