What Is INCX?

INCX or International CryptoX is a state-of-the-art decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that will allow users to potentially trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies upon a crypto-to-crypto exchange model. With the INCX coin, users get to participate in crowd token sales and ultimately trade the tokens within the INCX platform for other digital currencies.

INCX Features

  • Exchange technology- INCX contains an advanced technology made up of the matching algorithm to enable cross-trade spotting, margins, futures and more options
  • Compatibility options on the INCX APIs allow users to operating on different browsers and devices to access the exchange through easy integration
  • UX/UI interface with responsive designs for crypto and fiat exchanging
  • Support service to allow the users inquire on their exchange transactions and settlement
  • Documentation and reporting capabilities to enable the users to record their cryptocurrency earnings as compliance with tax laws.
  • Information Hub to host traders with the relevant information they need to trade

How INCX International Crypto Exchange Works

The initial step with the INCX exchange will require users to fill out a KYC form as in line with the compliance laws. Once the KYC is approved, the next step is to get an ERC20 standard wallet to hold the INCX coins. Later on, the users will need to send to purchase and transfer ether to INCX smart contract address. During the process, the following details are for review:

  • Recipient address which comprises of the INCX smart contract address accessible by logging within the KYC application
  • Gas limit- transaction gas limit involving the gas consumed and required in the transaction
  • Gas price- depends on a couple of factors such as blockchain traffic
  • Transfer amount in value of ether amount

Once the transaction details have made through submission, the appropriate INCX coins go to the user's wallet. From there, participants can take part in sending multiple transactions and exchanges as long as each transaction fulfills the above measures.

INCX Benefits

While there are plenty of exchange platforms in the crypto market, INCX provide for the following exciting gains:

  • Easily manageable with INCX traders having the capability to control multiple wallets and passwords
  • User-friendly interface for users to utilize the INCX exchange without too many technical terms
  • INCX also offers next-generation security options such as military grade systems, operational and compliance security measures.
  • Easy liquidity of the digital currencies with the seamless exchange between cryptos.

INCX Token ICO Details

  • ICO Date: Jun 11, 2018- Jul 10, 2018
  • Hard cap- 8 000 000 USD
  • 1 INCX= 0.025 USD
  • Pre-Sale Date: May 14, 2018- May 20, 2018
  • $2 000 000 as Hard cap
  • 1 INCX= 0.0175 USD

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token- INCX
  • Price- 1 INCX = 0.0000357 ETH
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepting- ETH
  • Type- ERC20
  • Minimum investment- 0.1 ETH
  • Hard cap- 10,000,000 USD
  • Price in ICO- 1 INCX=0.0000357 ETH
  • Sale amount- 434 million INCX

INCX Conclusion

INCX exchange provides for a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange with much of its promises on the security and the unique exchange model in use. However, as with most exchange platforms, it is best to take caution if you intend to utilize the service. Best of all, it is better to remain with your finances safely rather than lost them on an exchange scam.

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