Index Decentralized Exchange Github Repository Lists All Major DEX Platforms

Dex platforms are quite popular and they are ones that insures are constantly hearing about. The repository is called “Index.” Software developers Hanni Abu, Steven Hatzarkis, Elio Oses, and Manfred Karrer developed the index.

According to the repository,

“The architecture of these and their protocols can be quite different. In some cases, they are built projects entirely open source – in other cases, they are closed in some aspects, but still implemented open or decentralized tools or mechanisms like smart contracts that are publicLy verifiable. Other projects have chosen to create their own distributed ledger technology (DTL) in order to build a protocol for exchange.”

Those who take a look at the index list will notice that there are exchanges that provide users with account-less registration, a decentralized DNS, trust-less order matching, and various other methods that promote decentralization. From the over 200 DEX platforms, many of them are in their initial stages, some are “defunct” or “dead,” and others are “fully decentralized projects.” Better yet, the index identifies the specific protocols and layers and the assets used.

There are also several advantages to be had when one uses the DEX. Users can trade without being concerned about trust issues. Further, individuals have a very minimal chance of losing money, meaning that the transactions are private and secure. Due to the decentralized quality of the DEX platform, it seems that more and more people are migrating toward using it.

Further, due to the positive qualities of the decentralized exchanges, chances are that more users will be using them and benefit from them.

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