India's Top 10 Cryptocurrency Projects And Blockchain Startups To Know

Although the regulations imposed on the crypto space in India are unfriendly, the region is an innovative hub with regard to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Remarkably, the blockchain entrepreneurs in India have adapted to the rules enacted by the government and are currently running their projects seamlessly.

Top Crypto & Blockchain Startups In India

The following are the 10 top-ranked cryptocurrency projects in India that are worth looking at.

Nucleus Vision

This is a platform that intends to close the gap between online and offline retailers. On its blockchain, Nucleus Vision runs a loyalty program that is powered by the IoT and contactless identifications. Besides being the world’s largest, the incentive rewards clients in NCASH, the native digital currency of the Nucleus Vision ecosystem. Primarily, Nucleus Vision avails critical customer date to retailers and merchants so that they can provide individualized services to their clientele.

ICO Information

  • Coin: NCASH
  • Coin price: $0.0098
  • Market capitalization: $43, 788,242
  • Exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Zebpay


Arguably, the importance of data to human beings is beaten only by the need for money. Not only is data omnipresent, it is being collected everywhere; and the owner of such data yields the most power. As the Indian government invests heavily in the advancement of its technological infrastructure, there will most likely be a proliferation of data crimes such as identity theft, hacking, fraud, and so on.

The Zebi blockchain ecosystems intends to safeguard the confidentiality of data by offering immutability, transparency and inalterability of records.

ICO Information

  • Coin: ZCO
  • Coin price: $0.027
  • Market capitalization: $3,222,223
  • Exchanges: HotBit, IDEX, Qryptos


WandX is a firm that concerns itself with the introduction of ERC20 tokens to the Ethereum blockchain. The main objective of the WandX project is to promote tokens by reducing the negative circulation around them without affecting the value of the coin.

ICO Information

  • Coin: WAND
  • Coin price: $0.063
  • Market capitalization: $779,920
  • Exchanges: Bancor Network, IDEX

Diro Labs

In India, identity theft is one of the most prevalent forms of crime. Despite the efforts by the government to curb this menace, its occurrence increases as the days go by. Moreover, the identity verification programs deployed by the administration is lengthy and overly inefficient. Diro Labs is currently developing a blockchain-driven decentralized identity verification platform that sources data from public records and contact directories.

ICO Information

  • Diro Labs is currently conducting its pre-ICO sale.
  • Coin: DIRO
  • Accepted digital currencies: BTC, ETH, US dollar


Despite the mania around digital currencies and blockchain, the industry is still faced with one glaring shortcoming- scalability. Up to date, there is no solution that entirely solves the challenge of scalability. However, there are several companies that are striving to create a lasting solution to this problem. Among these firms is Matic, a platform that deploys the use of offline side-chains to reduce the strain on the main blockchain networks.

ICO Information

  • Coin: MTX
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, US dollar


Like Matic, the objective of the Quickx platform is to solve scalability and transaction processing issues on the blockchain. Besides making cryptocurrency transactions faster, Quickx provides crypto cash cards that operate in a similar way to conventional debit and credit cards. Furthermore, the UI of Quickx ensure that transactions remain affordable.

ICO Information

  • Coin: QCX
  • Coin price: $0.07
  • ICO start: 20th August 2018
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH


Naturally, people with information about crimes fear to come out and therefore remain quiet. ZTips intends to change this culture by connecting information seekers to providers on an anonymous platform. In exchange for their info, the providers get rewards in digital currency.

ICO Information

  • Coin: ZTPS
  • Coin price|: $0.047
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH

The TIM Foundation

Since their inception, many have speculated that virtual currencies will eventually replace fiat money and conventional banking institutions. The TIM Foundation is blockchain-based banking system that is designated for the exclusive use of cryptocurrencies.

ICO Information

  • Coin: TIM
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: US dollar, ETH, BTC


In this digital era, there is an increased on presence among the human population. For this reason, crypto enthusiasts believe that there is a need for change of the governance style. To this end, GovBlocks has created a decentralized platform for enabling a fresh governance approach that fosters sustainability, adaptability and functionality.

ICO Information

  • Coin: GBT
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH


MinersINC intends to leverage blockchain technology to curb the challenges facing the entertainment industry, including rights management, oligopolistic distribution, monetization issues, and so on. The platform intends to establish close links between creators and consumers, with an aim of making the content affordable to the end-user.

ICO Information

  • Coin: MING
  • ICO starts: autumn 2018

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