Decentralized exchanges have paralleled projects such as Colored Coins which allow for individual claims of possession through the blockchain. But they have always edged more towards crypto enthusiasts or specialists in terms of access since they just exist on 2.0 platforms such as Counterparty, NXT, and Bitshares. However, Koji Higashi and his staff at India Square have made a wallet capable for a native remedy for all these issues.

Taking the initiative to unite the native features of a Cell crypto wallet and the Counterparty Process is an achievement in itself, but IndieSquare has managed to go one step farther by natively supporting attributes within the wallet app.

Shifting back to IndieSquare, Koji says that they plan on releasing an upgrade next week featuring an improved GUI to improve user friendliness and enhance the stability of their IndieSquare wallet app.

About IndieSquare

With intuitive usability being the project's' main focus, Indie Square is an extremely simplified program, freely available for both iPhone and Android, and is the first mobile program which allows anyone to issue their particular counterparty tokens, right from the palm of the hand.

Issuing, sending, and trading tokens over the bitcoin blockchain is now a reality. As a bonus, the wallet acts as a perfectly working bitcoin wallet too, which makes it easy for consumers to cover real world items or send and get bitcoins in the same interface as they perform their coins that are customized.

Security of the IndieSquare Wallets

The IndieSquare wallets security seems to be above average for mobile offerings, even when compared to the majority of bitcoin-only wallets. The wallet uses a strict client-side encryption, keeping your private key entirely off their host, but the cellular program itself is open source.

The wallet comes with its own, decentralized, coins built in, allowing users to trade bitcoins for almost any counterparty asset within an open marketplace, which makes it easy to acquire any token you desire, right there from within the program.

When you send tokens, you need a little BTC that is paid from the Bitcoin miners. Being in a position to hold bitcoin within our wallet is more of a requirement as opposed to a characteristic.

This charge amount will vary with all the Bitcoin mining fee amount, so maybe users will find this system of spending bitcoins twice, to receive their desired tokens, somewhat cumbersome. Then again, it's a very small price to pay for access to the security of the bitcoin blockchain.

IndieSquare Summary

IndieSquare is an ambitious project that seeks to make sending and receiving multiple cryptocurrencies at once a convenient reality. The wallet has found limited success with its integration between some of the main currencies available on the market with a native transference to Bitcoin.

More details about Indie Square is available to be read on the company’s platform, as well as the Apple and Android app stores. Users can download the application for free and get started within minutes upon installation.

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