This is a project that aims to become the world’s largest digital asset broker. To achieve this objective, the trading platform is rolling out incentives such as the issuance of capital to small-scale businesses.

What Is Inexx Networking?

Essentially, the INEXX CLUB Exchange intends to increase the awareness and usage of digital currencies in the contemporary society.

Inexx Networking Features

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Besides Bitcoin, the IEXX CLUB Exchange will also support other digital currencies. This will significantly increase the volume of trade, resulting in higher profits margin. Furthermore, these trading platforms are usually secure and transparent because of the integration of blockchain technology.

Trading (Software BTC Pro)

Though it is an in-house developed software, the Software BTC Pro leverages an advanced algorithm to provide both summarized and comprehensive report on the performance of various cryptocurrencies. Using these analytics, the system identifies the best time to trade in or buy each particular virtual currency.

Cloud Mining

With cloud mining, investors are spared of the hassles and expenses of purchasing a competent mining rig. Instead, they lease hashing power from cloud mining service providers. While the profits from cloud mining are lower than owning your hardware, this disparity is compensated by the cumbersomeness of running your personal rig.

INEXX Networking

The primary objective of the INNEXX Networking platform is to advertise the INEXX CLUB Exchange. In this regard, an affiliate program with lucrative commission rates is already in place.

Affiliate Program

To join the INEXX affiliate programs, investors are required to pay a certain fee, which varies as per one’s preferred package. Currently, there are for different affiliate plans, namely Prime, Master, VIP, and INEXX, in ascending order. The subscription fees for each of these bouquets is €175, €525, €1575, and €3500 respectively.

As expected, the more expensive an affiliate plan is, the higher the commission rates. Luckily, the INEXX affiliate program offers respectable rates, even for the lowest tier. Presently, the lowest commission stands at 40%, rising by 10% until you reach the highest, which is 70%. Similarly, the weekly stipend is directly proportional to the subscription cost of the chosen plan.

Lastly, established members of the INEXX Club can opt to join the leadership affiliate program, which has even higher profits.


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