Infinito Crypto Wallet And Coinfirm AMLT Token Partner For Security And Compliance

Infinito Wallet has announced its partnership with Coinfirm to ensure all users of this universal wallet will be at the forefront of regulation, security, and risk management with the wallet’s technical integration of standard-setting Coinfirm AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Platform and AMLT Network.

Infinito is the industry-leading universal cryptocurrency wallet for the widest range of coins and smart contract tokens while Coinfirm is the global leader in regulation technology and compliance for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The AMLT token for the Coinfirm and AMLT Network will also be added as a native token to the Infinito Wallet with further AMLT Network feature integrations planned.

According to Coinfirm CEO and Co-Founder Pawel Kuskowski, Infinito continuously is showing the market not just their expansive vision towards their wallet but their dedication making Infinito a leader in addressing regulatory compliance and security on the wallet market.

Bringing the Coinfirm AML/KYC Platform and AMLT Network into the Infinito Wallet will not just help address compliance but will provide a new level of adoption potential as well as security and transparency for users.

While blockchain technology initially burst onto the scene thanks to cryptocurrencies that took advantage of the decentralized freedom of operating outside of institutional oversight, there is no question that the technology’s future lies in its adherence to laws and watchful regulation. Coinfirm, a UK-based compliance company that provides transaction security, AML, and CTF (Countering Terrorism Financing) services, monitoring tools, and market research, is helping bring Infinito Wallet into that future.

What This Partnership Means

With the vision to become the world’s number one universal wallet, this partnership and technical integration mark a monumental milestone in Infinito Wallet's roadmap to all-encompassing inclusivity, top-class security, and regulatory compliance.

Confirm's AML verification technology on top of Infinito Wallet’s already robust management and record-keeping tools will heighten the universal wallet's security, safeguarding financial investments and transactions for all parties. Auxiliary security features will also be added to enable AML profile checks and access to detailed transaction records, allowing for ease of financial interaction management and ensuring transparency.

As the ICO world in cryptocurrency is still one rife with risks and uncertainty, this technical integration protects both end users/investors and ICO companies from such security threats.

Infinito Wallet also plans to support and integrate Coinfirm’s AMLT Network and Token. AMLT creates a system where Network Members around the world can report addresses and evidence tied to nefarious actors in the economy and be rewarded for it in AMLT.

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