Infinity Crypto

Infinity Crypto (XTC) is a DAO community offering crypto education, ICO service offerings and custom crypto portfolio development which claims to be at the forefront of forward thinking ICO’s, blockchain asset development projects & crypto earnings platforms.

XTC's mission is to build crypto education, usage, and member wealth through diversification into the world’s most profitable asset class, utilizing the finest in cryptocurrency earning programs and neural market development platforms. XTC provides custom crypto solutions to accredited investors with over $25K to invest as well as live daily online crypto instructional & educational conferences.

What Is Infinity Crypto (XTC)?

XTC was created as a diversified and customizable membership program using NEMN, Markethive’s system of educational marketing and exclusive database, to bring millions access to our crypto “portfolio” asset membership plans and humanitarian projects.

The platform offers its members a digital wallet for its own coin, Infinity Economics (XIN), and shares in its distributed exchange network, We Go Crypto (WGC), and Crypto Trade Fund (TCC).

Infinity Coin (XIN) –

XIN is designed with next generation high load blockchain protocols, built for mainstream use by utilizing a hybrid design that improves functionality with each additional user, maximizing scalability and load performance.

We Go Crypto (WGC) –

WGC is a distributed exchange network full of exchange shareholders and platform users. Membership in Infinity Trust Crypto gives users access to WGC software and shares with strong daily dividends for life and full access to the high daily earning next-generation member referral program.

Crypto Trade Fund (TCC) –

TCC is a portfolio management fund for high passive and active Bitcoin earnings through a next-generation referral program. It employs micro trading and only trades in the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Humanitarian ICOs –

10% of XTC earnings are devoted to creating and supporting blockchain applications that facilitate the advancement of overall freedom and prosperity for every person on earth. XTC is helping to make global humanitarian projects such as Greenfire Reclamation’s “Children of the Landfill Project” and “Free Africa Now” come to life through member participation and XTC developmental support.

XTC's Services include educating and helping members build diversified cryptocurrency portfolios, a custom ICO builder app for new businesses and projects, a custom personalized assistance for portfolio management and custom smart contract and enterprise level blockchain and side-chain application solutions for IoT, DAPPS, BaaS, SaaS, PaaS and service plug-in blockchain applications.

How To Join Infinity Crypto (XTC)?

Users can purchase XTC investment plan with Bitcoin only. The minimum investment package offered is for 0.1 BTC. An Investor who contributes below 1 BTC is considered a Partner, 1 to 1.99 BTC a Director, 10 to 24.99 BTC a Cabinet and 25+ BTC a Founder.

After registering, users can customize their portfolio preferences and use the BTC to purchase assets on the XTC platform.

Should You Invest In Infinity Crypto (XTC)?

Short answer, No.

First of all, XTC's investment portfolio promises guaranteed daily returns. Any MLM which ‘guarantees' daily returns is either a Ponzi or an outright scam which will never see the light of day.

The website is all of an obscurantist spiel bearing the hallmark of a prototypical MLM scam. There is no physical address or identification of the platform or the individual(s) behind it. There is no functional information on any of its services, what little description that is provided is risibly shallow. Their claiming to support humanitarian projects is most likely no more than a charade. Worse yet, XIN coin is not traded on any public exchange which makes it pretty worthless. You'd be well-advised to steer clear of this shady investment scheme.

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